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Honda has now revealed new information on the Civic Type R, alongside the fact that it will produce a total of 311bhp and 422Nm of torque.

04 Sep 2022 | International News : Japan

Honda has revealed new details about the new Honda Civic Type R. Top highlight for this round of facts is its new power figure, which was not made known during the time of its initial global launch. The car, Honda states, will produce 311bhp and 422Nm of torque at 2,600rpm to 4,000rpm. These figures represent an increase of 9bhp and 20Nm of torque over the previous generation Civic Type R.

The Japanese car maker has also stated that this new power output comes the help of a redesigned turbocharger, increased air intake flow rate and a more efficient exhaust system that features a straight through design, and an active exhaust valve.

The FL5 Civic Type R will be Honda's most powerful Type R-badged car ever, with 311bhp and 422Nm of torque
The size, shape and number of the turbocharger's turbine wheel blades have specifically been optimised along with the flow path of the intake charge, enabling the turbocharger to generate pressure in a wider range with more efficiency.

Other details that will excite Honda fanboys include the fact that the car will get a lighter flywheel and a revised rev-matching system for more accurate downshifts, helping maintain stability on corner entry.

The high-strength gearbox has also gained a higher rigidity lever and optimised shift gate pattern for more precise gear changes. A standard helical type limited-slip differential will also help in putting power down to the pavement more effectively. A retuned brake booster is also said to improve on braking feel.

Honda has improved on its already unbeatable shifter feel with a higher rigidity lever and optimised gate pattern
Track junkies will be pleased to hear that the new Civic Type R will boast even sharper responses and a more engaging driving feel due to the significantly more rigid body structure that boosts dynamics and refinement at the same time. The wheelbase has also been extended by 35mm for a smoother ride and greater stability.

Unlike the previous generation FK8 Civic Type R, which was manufactured in the U.K., this new FL5 will be built in Japan. However, the engine of this Type R will continue to be manufactured in Honda's Anna plant in Ohio, U.S.A.

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