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Gojek has announced that it is imposing a new waiting charge if drivers are made to wait more than an initial four-minute grace period.

19 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Ride hailing service provider Gojek has announced that it will be imposing a new waiting time charge, mirroring the waiting fee that rival firm Grab imposed in July of 2022.

Those that book a car under the gocar, gocarXL, and gocarPremium services will now get four minutes of waiting time, following which they will be charged a $3.00 waiting fee, and an additional $3.00 for every five-minute waiting block thereafter, capped to a maximum of $9.00.

However, Gojek emphasises that no charge will be imposed if a rider cancels a ride within four minutes from getting matched to a driver, as long as the driver hasn't arrived or if more than five minutes has passed from the initial indicated estimated time of arrival and the driver hasn't arrived at the location.

The new waiting time charge will be imposed come 26 September 2022 onwards. Grab currently offers a three minute grace period waiting time, while charging a total of $3.00 per five-minute waiting block imposed after the grace period.

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