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Porsche is adding new options for those who wish to buy its cars online, redesigning the Porsche Car Configurator with new functions and views.

08 Oct 2022 | International News : Germany

In order to better serve an increasing population of customers who wish to buy a car online, the new generation of the Porsche Car Configurator has been made even more intuitive, offering an enhanced experience. The new features include expanded views of the vehicle in even higher quality and with more backgrounds.

Almost all options are now visually represented in real time, from the different variants of the design packages to details such as decorative stitching. Users are also guided through the configuration process in a targeted manner.

Porsche believes that the revamped Porsche Car Configurator will help customers to make better car buying decisions
Currently, customers could already request and order in-stock new and used cars. Thanks to the new functions, this will now include customer configured vehicles as well, which can be pre-ordered from the desired dealer directly in the Car Configurator. The sale is then finalised at the Porsche Centre.

The process is part of the brand's omnichannel approach, which is designed to allow customers to move seamlessly between digital and physical contact points.

Porsche launched online car sales in Germany in 2019 and has been steadily expanding the offering ever since. Online vehicle searches are now available in 100 markets around the world, with cars being able to be ordered online in 32 of them.

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