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Italian Alfa Romeo specialist tuners Autodelta has unveiled its latest creations, based on the Brera and 159, at the MPH09 show

08 Nov 2009 | International News : Italy

The new models were officially unveiled at MPH09, the prestige and performance car show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, otherwise known as the trio from TV's Top Gear. Autodelta has used the MPH Show in the past to showcase its creations, and continues the tradition this year.

The first model is the called 159 J4 3.2 C, which Autodelta calls a "flamboyant gran turismo". The 3.2 litre V6 engine of the 159 has been reworked for both driver enjoyment and maximum comfort. The unit produces an output of 352bhp, and additional upgrades to the chassis, electronics, brakes and suspension all help to make the 159 J4 3.2 C a sporting but smooth-riding car.

The second car is the Brera S 3.2 Compressore, and contains input from Prodrive. Up to 100kg has been shed from the standard car, while other additions include a supercharger, which boosts the power output of the V6 engine up to 352bhp, turning the Brera S into a true high-performance sports car. A bespoke Limited Slip Differential helps improves traction while the four-wheel-drive system has been ditched in favour of front-wheel-drive. The suspension has also been changed to a custom Autodelta Sportline suspension for the best balance between track capability with everyday comfort.

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