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Avoiding new car showrooms with the recent COE highs? Exclusive roadshow rebates are now on offer alongside Sime Darby's pre-owned cars and leasing plans!

28 Nov 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The recent spikes in COE premiums - yet again - unfortunately do not change the fact that many of us still need (or simply want) access to our own means of private transport today.

Thankfully, easier entry points remain for those who do not currently find it sensible to go shopping in new car showrooms: Buying pre-owned, or leasing pre-owned and brand new.

As good as new: A surprise greets visitors of Waterway Point when they first enter the carpark
What's better is the news that all of them are coming simultaneously to the Northeast - with the Sime Darby Motors x Sgcarmart Roadshow at Waterway Point.

Don't be surprised if you visit the mall this week and see some shiny cars with special 'Sime Darby' plates the moment you enter the carpark. All the action is happening just above!

We've previously covered the extended array of services provided by the rebranded Sime Darby Auto Selection (SDAS), and one will find all of them on offer at the mall - with exclusive roadshow deals for this specific period too. 

A $3000 discount and sure-win prizes are bundled with every pre-owned car purchased at the roadshow
SDAS's reputation for certified and trustworthy pre-owned cars is no secret. In other words, beyond the knowledge that these cars have already been thoroughly inspected, expect to see all the important details on display alongside each of them at the roadshow - including their age, prevailing road tax expiry date, loan tenure, and of course, genuine mileage.

Among the exciting deals to be clinched, customers who end up purchasing their dream ride at the roadshow stand to enjoy a generous $3,000 discount. They'll also get to try their hand at a Spin & Win wheel to claim sure-win prizes, including shopping vouchers, fuel vouchers, and service vouchers.

Touchscreen displays allow you to peruse the entire inventory, for which the discounts also apply
Even better, the company's links with the larger Sime Darby group gives it access to a diverse and large inventory of cars.

This stands at around 80 models at the time of writing, and roadshow rebates will apply to all of them, even if some don't happen to be on display when you're there. The batch of cars on display will rotate twice - on 30 Nov (Wednesday) and 2 Dec (Friday) - and customers can feel free to peruse the selection via touchscreen displays at the venue.

As mentioned, however, Sime Darby has extended its services far beyond just selling quality pre-owned cars.

A variety of flexible leasing arrangements (and rebates) can be enjoyed at the roadshow too!
Here at the roadshow, customers can look forward to leasing both new and pre-owned cars too, without the large upfront costs of car ownership. One is guaranteed to find a flexible arrangement that fits their needs with the options provided by Sime Darby Services.

Among them are an all new e-LITE, lease-to-own program by Hertz Singapore, as well as a car subscription plan by FASST, for which durations start from just a single week. The latter even allows you to receive your car within 48 hours of confirmation.

On this topic of leasing, Sime Darby's extensive network of brands includes BYD and of course, BMW.

Thanks to Sime Darby's connections, both brand new and pre-owned vehicles are available for lease 
Up to $3,000 in cash rebates are up for grabs for those who lease a brand new car from the German marque, while customers who lease pre-owned vehicles will receive up to $800 in petrol vouchers. A Spin & Win opportunity is also guaranteed either way.

Finally, even those who have decided to give up driving for now stand to gain from the roadshow.

SDAS was one of the first names to emerge as a direct purchasing centre in Singapore, and will glady offer an attractive price for your pre-owned car without the condition of a trade-in. 

There's naturally only one real way to find out what you stand to gain - if you head down and see the action yourself. 

The Sime Darby Motors x Sgcarmart Roadshow at Waterway Point is located at the Level 1 atrium of the West Wing, and is open to customers until 4 December 2022.

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