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Andres Reisinger has created the first digital artwork for Audi, which is inspired by the Audi grandsphere concept.

30 Nov 2022 | International News : Germany

As of 2022, Audi will be an exclusive partner of, and an active exhibitor at Design Miami/. Previously, the automotive company used this exhibition to experiment with mobility, technology and design to comment on the future of design, through creative dialogue with peers.

This year, the Argentinian Digital Artist and Designer Andres Reisinger will present a digital work of art on an LED wall at Audi's exhibition stand.

The interior of the grandsphere concept is able to transform into an experential realm for drivers
The digital art piece is inspired by the Audi grandsphere concept, which will also be on display in Miami. For Audi, this includes a vision of new high-class experiences made possible through the advancing digitalisation in the vehicle's interior. For instance, the Audi grandsphere concept transforms from a mere automobile into an 'experience device'.

Audi envisions a future where automated driving at Level 4 opens up new aspects of freedom. In this mode, the interior of the luxury sedan transforms into a spacious experiential realm for drivers, with no steering wheel, pedals, or instruments.

The space, architecture and features are shaped by the driver's needs and desires, and it is this personal sphere that Reisinger replicated with his artwork, translating the immersive experiential world of the Audi grandsphere concept into his virtual world of architecture and colour.

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