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Nissan has announced the launch of the fully-revamped Serena in Japan, now boasting the latest technologies coupled to spacious seating in the cabin.

30 Nov 2022 | International News : Japan

Nissan has unveiled the new Nissan Serena, which is equipped with spacious seating, convenient utilities and the latest technologies.

When it comes to technology, the new Serena will feature the second generation e-POWER system, now equipped with a new, specially developed 1.4-litre engine which produces 161bhp and 315Nm of torque. The system is both more powerful and smoother accelerating than the unit in its predecessor, while producing less engine noise.

The Serena will feature hands-off driving capability
The ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver assistance system will come standard on the highest model grade, the Luxion.

This is the first time such a system, which enables hands-off driving (in a single lane on a highway at speeds of 40km/h or above), has been adopted in a minivan in Japan. For all other grades, ProPILOT has now been made standard.

Another first on a Nissan is the steering assist with forward collision avoidance, which supports steering when avoiding obstacles in front of the vehicle. 

The engine is able to turn on or off in accordance with vehicle speed and traffic conditions
The Serena is also equipped with what Nissan claims is the world's first energy management technology, which controls when the engine turns on and off in accordance with vehicle speed and traffic conditions. This helps with reduced engine operation, which in turn contributes to a quieter cabin.

Enhanced insulation further contributes to a quieter cabin, resulting in an easy conversation space, even for rear-seat passengers.

Various design and packaging approaches have also been taken with the aim of reducing motion sickness.

The Serena has received enhanced insulation for a quieter cabin
These include a wide open view from inside the vehicle, an optimal display monitor positioning, a new seat design that dampens occupant movement, and a highly rigid steering wheel that enhances handling stability.

Nissan claims that the Serena's windshield is the widest, and also boasts the most spacious cabin in the minivan category.

Taller individuals will be glad to learn about the 120mm of additional driver legroom the new Serena has compared to the previous generation.

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