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Powered by a 71.4kWh battery, Toyota's first bespoke BEV will have a range of up to 436km, and boasts a 90% battery-capacity retention ratio over 10 years.

02 Dec 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Borneo Motors - the local authorised dealer for Toyota and Lexus - has released more details on what to expect from the bZ4X as the car officially lands in Singapore. 

Despite its gargantuan lead in petrol-electric drivetrains, the release of the bZ4X is momentous for Japan's largest automaker as its first bespoke battery-electric vehicle (BEV) model. 

Despite being Toyota/Lexus's first BEV, the UX300e was not built fully-electric from the ground-up 
While the Lexus UX300e has actually taken the honours as the first mass market BEV from Toyota and Lexus, it was not built fully-electric from the ground-up. The compact crossover utilises the same platform as the rest of the Lexus UX series, which includes variants with both pure petrol-engined and petrol-electric drivetrains. 

Instead, the bespoke bZ4X debuts a completely new, dedicated platform called the eTNGA (e Toyota New Global Architecture). 

Like many proprietary EV platforms we've seen from other makers, the car's battery unit is integrated beneath the vehicle floor and into the vehicle's structure. Toyota says driving dynamics benefit from the resultant lower centre of gravity and extra rigidity. Additionally, because of its modular nature, the eTNGA can be applied across different vehicle types and segments.

An MoU was signed between Borneo Motors and SP Group earlier this year for an EV leasing program
Borneo Motors had previously teased the bZ4X in an MoU signing with SP Mobility Group, while also revealing that the SUV would be collaboratively rolled out in an unprecedented EV leasing and car-sharing program for the upcoming eco-estate of Tengah.

At that point, however, specific technical details about the bZ4X had yet to be confirmed.

We now know that the first variants of the SUV to reach Singapore will be front-wheel driven, and propelled by a single motor (an all-wheel driven variant is also available internationally). In this set-up, the bZ4X manages a commendable range of up to 436km (WLTP-rated) while drawing power from a 71.4kWh battery.

A solar roof panel on the bZ4X can generate up to 1,650km of additional range annually
Aiding slightly in the SUV's range as well is its ability to tap on renewable energy: A solar roof panel housed on the vehicle can generate up to 1,650km of additional range annually.

This varies, naturally, based on weather conditions, but Singapore's tropical climate promises to put the power source to good use. 

Toyota's long experience with electrification also appears to be coming in strong in the aspect of said battery health and longevity. Impressively, the bZ4X's battery is claimed to be capable of retaining a good 90% of its capacity over 10 years (or 240,000km) of use - apparently a best-in-class figure.

If it's not clear in the pictures, the bZ4X is a mid-sized SUV, and promises generous interior space
Since this is being positioned as a medium-segment SUV, drivers can also expect the bZ4X to have a spacious cabin with generous legroom for front and rear passengers. Comfort is said to be enhanced with the SUV's acoustic windshield glass providing high soundproofing and wind-noise reduction.

Finally, expect the car to be decked out with safety features. The bZ4X is equipped with the latest iteration of Toyota Safety Sense, which now boasts an expanded detection range relying on millimetre wave radars and a monocular camera. Design and monitoring measures will also help the car detect early signs of battery failure (and ultimately prevent it).

You'll have to be patient to get behind the wheel: A June 2023 launch is still being targeted
You'll still have to be patient, however, if you're already itching to get behind the wheel of the car. Borneo Motors and SP Group had previously outlined a mid-2023 launch of the EV leasing program in Tengah, and this doesn't appear to have changed.

Speaking on the car's official arrival in Singapore, Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore, shared that the bZ4X represents a "reflection of [Toyota's] ability to push boundaries on innovation and better serve the need of [its] customers".

In reference to the EV leasing program under which the bZ4X will first come into use, she added, "I believe that this accessibility will enable people to interact and understand EVs more, paving the way for greater acceptance and adoption of green mobility solutions."

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