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Time attack challenges on a sim rig, model-specific liveries and exclusive brand merchandise: Suzuki has given a first look at what to expect soon at its booth.

12 Jan 2023 | Local News : Singapore

As Suzuki Singapore settles itself into the 2023 Motor Show, it has also given visitors a first look at what to expect at its booth this year. 

To commemorate the event, the brand has collaborated with local artist, Erika Tay, on "fun and bold" artworks that it believes best represent the different personalities of the four models it will be showcasing. 

The surfing maneki-neko is intended to reflect the exhilaration one feels behind the wheel of the Swift Sport 
Arguably its most iconic car on our roads, the Suzuki Swift, has been associated by both parties with the Kitsune - a fox well known for its cunning spirit and intelligence - in line with the car's zippy personality. 

The additional illustration of a rabbit is doubly symbolic - for speed, and for 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit. 

On the other hand, its performance twin, the Swift Sport, will wear the image of a maneki-neko, believed to bring good luck and fortune. The Japanese beckoning cat is depicted surfing on waves to indicate the exhilaration behind the wheel of the hot hatch.

Possibly the quirkiest and cutest car of the bunch, Daruma dolls will be painted on the Suzuki Ignis. The nameplate first entered production in the year 2000, and the dolls, seen to be a “timeless representation of Japanese culture”, are meant to reflect the colliding of past and present.

Rather than just admire the artwork at the show, you'll be able to purchase the cars with the decals
Finally, one will need no explanation for the Samurai imagery found on the Jimny, whose fearless go-anywhere capability, yet small size, have simultaneously become part and parcel of its identity.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of this collaboration? Rather than just admire the artwork from the side lines, those who purchase a Suzuki vehicle at the Motor Show can choose to receive their vehicles with the decals. (Non-drivers can also purchase the pieces of artwork on their own.)

Suzuki Singapore is also giving its visitors a chance to put their racing abilities to the test - albeit virtually. Designed by local e-motorsports upstart, Legion of Racers, a simulator track of Orchard Road will present itself to those brave enough to duke it out on sim racing rigs at the booth. Exciting prizes - including a Nintendo Switch Lite - await those with the fastest lap times.

Separately, diehard fans of the Suzuki brand can put their knowledge to the test with a specially curated Suzuki pop quiz. The most well-learned about the brand stand to walk away with exclusive Motor Show-only Suzuki merchandise.

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