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Chase the post-holiday blues away by fantasising about just how you'd spec your dream Bugatti Baby II with this new, online configurator.

02 Feb 2023 | International News : France

Looking for that little something extra to pair with your Bugatti Mistral, or perhaps this Chiron Profilee? Why not give the new Bugatti Baby II configurator a little whirl?

That's right. The Little Car Company, together with Bugatti, have launched a new configurator (which you can use here) for the 75% scale Type 35. And the new configurator even makes use of 3D augmented reality, allowing users to view the little car in their home, office, or garage, all at 100% scale.

And what a configurator it is. Bugatti states that customers will be able to commission their Baby II to their exacting requirements, with a choice of period correct colours and leathers all available within the configurator to choose from. Aficionados of the brand will recognise the heritage-inspired naming of the interior colours, although a more modern selection, including Bugatti Light Blue Sport will also allow customers to match their Baby II with their latest Bugatti.

The Bugatti Baby II is offered in three different versions: Base, Vitesse and Pur Sang, with the Vitesse offering increased performance over the Base variant thanks to an upgraded powertrain. The Pur Sang, meanwhile, comes with a hand-formed aluminium body, made using the same traditional coachbuilding techniques as the original Type 35. All models come with rear-wheel drive with high-performance brakes.

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