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The all-electric MINI is now getting a convertible variant, although it will be limited to just 999 examples, all headed for Europe.

15 Feb 2023 | International News : Germany

MINI is now injecting a fresh dose of driving fun into its lineup.

The firm has announced that it will be building the MINI Cooper SE Convertible, a car which we first saw only as a one-off example in July 2022. Only 999 examples are currently slated for production, with all examples set to hit European markets.

Only a total of 999 examples of the MINI Cooper SE Convertible will be made
The MINI Cooper SE Convertible is being made available only in Enigmatic Black or White Silver, and comes complete with Resolute Bronze door handles, side scuttles, and head and taillight surrounds. A fitting option, given how pollutive the process of chrome plating can be.

Another nod towards sustainable manufacturing here is the use of 100% secondary aluminium for the model's edition-specific 17-inch wheels. These are said to also be produced using green energy, taking yet more carbon emissions out of the car's manufacturing process.

The logos and the model lettering on the MINI Cooper SE Convertible, meanwhile, are finished in Piano black.

The car will offer a WLTP range of 201km
These will match the use of Piano Black surfaces in the cabin, which will also get sports seats in the MINI Yours Leather Lounge design alongside a Nappa leather steering wheel. Special 1 of 999 lettering is also said to adorn the cabin of this electric convertible, emphasising its exclusive character.

MINI states that the MINI Cooper SE Convertible will offer a WLTP range of 201km, while its roof and be deployed and retracted at speeds of up to 30km/h.

The MINI Cooper SE Convertible comes powered by the same all-electric drivetrain as the MINI Electric, so a 181bhp motor serves duty here. This will see the car hitting 100km/h from a standstill in 8.2 seconds, which is a fair bit slower than the 7.3 second sprint time of the MINI Electric, or the 6.9 seconds that the MINI Cooper S Convertible will take to do the same sprint.

But we reckon you'll still have the bigger grin this electric convertible.

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