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Bentley has announced that it will be once again sponsoring the IAP Awards this year, with the top competition winner set to receive a Bentley Experience.

25 Mar 2023 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has announced that it will be sponsoring the International Automotive Photography (IAP) Awards again this year.

The IAP Awards aim to establish and promote the best automotive photography, and to bring together a passionate community of like-minded people while showcasing a variety of talent and creative works.

The IAP is accepting entries from amateurs and professionals alike, and expects the total number of entries this year to exceed 4,000
The competition for the awards are open to amateurs, professionals, and anyone in between. A total of six submission categories are available: Car Spotter, Atmosphere, Beauty, Motorsport, People, and Phone Photography.

The first of these six will see Wayne Bruce, Bentley's Director of Communication, involved as a guest-judge. Participants in the competition may submit as many photographs as they wish.

Each submission will be carefully observed and many shared across the IAP Awards' social media accounts in the lead up to the winners being announced - with the intention of sharing inspiring work and developing an engaged community.

The top winner of the awards will receive prizes including a Bentley Experience and a Fujifilm XT5 camera, amongst others. Prizes are also available for each of the six category finalists.

Think you have what it takes? Submissions for the awards can be entered via IAP's website here. You'll want to submit the best of your work, however, as the competition saw over 4,000 entries from photographers in 52 different countries when it was held in 2022, and organisers are expecting an even higher rate of submissions for 2023. The work for this year's awards will be reviewed in May of 2024, and the winners announced in June 2023.

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