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Interactive exhibits, performance cars up close, and a stunning, otherworldly concept vehicle showcasing Audi's tech-laden future await visitors come 31 March.

29 Mar 2023 | Local News : Singapore

After electrifying some of the world's most exciting and dynamic cities - including Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and most recently, Wolfsburg - Audi's House of Progress is finally reaching Singapore. This is the first time the immersive brand experience for the German carmaker has come to Southeast Asia. 

When the doors to the House of Progress officially open on 31 March 2023, visitors will be greeted with a variety of static and interactive exhibitions showcasing essential parts of Audi's vision of the future. 

The star of Audi's House of Progress Singapore: The Audi grandsphere concept (yes, in lowercase)
For now, however, here's what one can expect from the media preview, held on 29 March 2023. 

Those familiar with the carmaker should know that technology has always been its core philosophy - its German slogan, 'Vorsprung durch Technik', means 'advancement through technology' when translated into English - and the House of Progress is meant to be an embodiment of this ethos. 

Fret not if you're not a car geek poring over the latest model variants, for the vehicles displayed at the basement of the ArtScience Museum promise to be fascinating as they stand.

Light is projected onto clean wooden surfaces on the car's interior in place of traditional screens
The undeniable star of the space is the Audi grandsphere concept - a swooping 5.3m long electric grand tourer aimed at offering its occupants the experience of (sustainable) first-class travel. Audi envisions this car to have Level 4 automation, meaning the grandsphere can effectively pilot itself.

With its large suicide doors swung wide open, one of the most striking things you'll notice is that the grandsphere dispenses with traditional screens on board. Instead, in their place are clean wooden surfaces distributed across the entire width of the interior - on which light is projected for infotainment and media when necessary.

First-class travel: The grandsphere concept is intended to be an extension of one's living room
Audi says the concept is intended to be an extension of one's living room - if your living room is already a zen-like, relaxing space replete with potted plants, that is - and push the boundaries beyond what we've typically expected of cars. The grandsphere will be connected to a holistic digital ecosystem, too, to offer "immersive, fully personalised experiences".

The grandsphere concept marks the second instalment in Audi's visionary lineup of 'sphere' concept cars. Coincidentally, this is also the second Audi 'sphere' vehicle Singapore has hosted. The MPV-resembling Urbansphere concept (which is actually the third instalment) was first displayed in Singapore at the GREENTECH Festival back in November 2022. 

The Q8 e-tron is likely to be launched in the later half of 2023, with a host of significant upgrades
On the other hand, those of us who are more invested in the local car scene should delight in the chance to get up close with a quartet of production models that are either already on sale, or set to go on sale in Singapore.

Crucially, the House of Progress previews two new electric models for Audi that have yet to be formally introduced here.

Firstly, the Q8 e-tron replaces Audi's first electric SUV, the e-tron SUV, with a host of updates including improved aerodynamics, better battery life, and a lengthened range. On a full charge, the Q8 e-tron can now travel up to 580km - easily sufficient for a week of commutes. A H2 2023 launch of the car was teased at the event.

The House of Progress also marks the first official preview of the Audi Q4 e-tron in Singapore 
For the first time ever, Audi is also letting visitors meet the long-awaited Q4 e-tron. The compact crossover is built on the bespoke MEB electric platform, and promises to widen the appeal of Audi's e-tron range as it slots in below the Q8 e-tron in terms of size and price.

The two SUVs join Audi's stunning electric grand tourers: The full-fat RS e-tron GT, as well as the e-tron GT, the latter of which is paired to an interactive step pad meant to illustrate kinetic energy.

With the four models present, this also means that visitors will get to witness the full e-tron lineup brought together for the first time.

Audi's four core values embodied: Digitalisation, design, performance and sustainability 
Despite its imaginative visions for a cleaner future, Audi is also making sure to remind you of the magic it has always worked with the combustion engine with the final car on display here - the R8, decked out in striking Vegas Yellow, which sings a beautiful swan song for the V10.

Intended to flesh out Audi's four core values - digitalisation, design, performance and sustainability - the House of Progress will host a series of panel discussions across its near-month-long run, featuring speakers from the STEM and sustainability arenas.

Particularly, events co-organised with the Semi Permanent Festival of Creativity & Design will bring in 'leading innovators' including BAFTA-nominated director and producer Liam Young - and will touch on the importance and evolution of urban design in serving both Man and the environment. 

Luxury consumer brands partnering with Audi here include The Hour Glass and Bang & Olufsen
Finally, as is befitting of Audi's premium stature, collaborations with luxury brands The Hour Glass, Bang & Olufsen, and Bolia will be held at the House of Progress, including product showcases, VIP networking sessions and workshops. 

In a specially pre-recorded video message, Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President Audi Brand, expressed his excitement at the arrival of House of Progress Singapore (we were apparently the first choice in the region for the brand experience), calling it a "vision of tomorrow... here today" that thoroughly showcases "progress that you can feel".

Marc-Andreas Brinkmann, Director of Experiental Marketing, Audi AG, also noted that the firm is "poised for one of the biggest transformations in recent history around electric vehicles, autonomous driving and shared mobility." 

Audi is poised for a gargantuan transformation centred around EVs and new visions of mobility 
The House of Progress, in relation, is intended to deliver its "unique roadmap for the future of electromobility through a multi-layered and engaging experience."

Held at Basement 2 of the ArtScience Museum, Audi's House of Progress Singapore will be open to the public from 31 March 2023 to 16 April 2023, and between 10:00am to 7:00pm daily. 

Visitors are advised, however, that the free event is ticketed, with specific time slots viewable from the MBS website. When Sgcarmart checked at press time, a large number of slots through the event's first two weeks had already been fully booked out.

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