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Existing owners of both brands can still look forward to having their vehicles serviced by VGS, even as exciting plans are on the horizon for Cupra.

26 May 2023 | International News : Singapore

Volkswagen Group Singapore (VGS), currently the steward of both the Volkswagen and Skoda brands locally, is shepherding another stable-mate into its care. Come 1 June 2023, Cupra - the performance offshoot of Spanish brand Seat - will be represented directly by the German giant.

In the process, Cupra's longtime dealer, Vertex Automobile, will relinquish distributorship of the brand. The news was announced on 25 May 2023 to members of the media during a Volkswagen-Skoda drive from Singapore to Desaru. Speaking to those present, Dr Kurt Leitner, Managing Director of VGS, noted that the team was "super excited" to bring the brand back in-house. 

Retail of Seat cars is also set to cease by year-end - but fret not, as VGS is committing to comprehensive aftersales operations for existing owners
What is likely to surprise many just as much is the fact that with the 'transfer', retail of Seat cars will be discontinued in due time on our shores, meaning Vertex Automobile will also cease its Seat dealership (other exciting plans are, however, on Vertex's horizon). 

As of press time, the marque's full lineup of models - from the Leon hatchback, to the Tarraco SUV, and even the Alhambra MPV - was still being listed for sale on Sgcarmart. Sgcarmart understands these will still be retailed as part of its existing stock till year-end, although Vertex Automobile will halt Cupra sales from 1 June 2023.

Nonetheless, existing Seat owners need not worry as VGS is committing to a comprehensive aftersales operations for the brand, even as it gets its new dealership of Cupra models up and running. Special service, repair and warranty packages for Seat and Cupra drivers should be available in the time to come. Representatives from VGS have promised that more concrete details will be revealed come June.

As to why VGS is now taking up retail for Cupra, it may help to remember that the larger Group's brands (including marques like Audi and Porsche) are divided into the 'volume', 'premium' and 'sport' groups. VGS' move to bring Cupra and Seat directly back under its care appears to be coming under a larger effort to unite all its 'volume' brands.

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