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Travelling with your dog? Skoda U.K. has a few tips to ensure that your canine friend is always cool in this scorching weather.

26 May 2023 | International News : U.K.

We've been experiencing some heated weather, and it seems like so has the U.K.

Skoda has thus called upon the experience of Dog Behaviourist and Nutritionist Anna Webb, and published some advice for U.K. dog owners on how to keep your canine friends cool in this heat.

Dog owners are advised to bring a portable bowl if they are travelling with their canine friends when temperatures soar
Skoda U.K. states that with temperatures close of 23 degrees Celsius outside, in-car temperatures can reach a whopping 47 degrees Celsius in under 10 minutes. Webb additionally warns that when a dog's temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius, they are at risk of life-threatening heatstroke.

She advises owners to take simple steps, including to always check that their vehicle's air-conditioning is reaching the back seat, as well as to bring along a portable bowl for their dogs. Owners are also advised to melt an ice cube on their dog's gums to cool them very quickly, or offer them an ice cube to lick, if they need to cool them down quickly.

Owners are also advised to utilise cooling vests and mats work to keep your dog's underbelly nice and chilled, and to offer their pets regular comfort breaks in the shade to allow them to keep cool. Webb additionally highlights that owners should look out for signs that their dogs may be feeling the heat, which include excessive panting, drooling and restlessness.

Anna Webb, together with Skoda U.K., previously released a playlist designed to help keep dogs calm when travelling in the vehicle.

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