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Honda has revealed the Insight Sports Modulo concept as part of its series of design study models at the Tokyo Auto Salon, along with design study models of the Freed and Life

20 Jan 2010 | International News : Japan

The Insight Sports Modulo concept was designed with the theme of "Exciting Eco", and features a new front bumper with a new lower grille, a new diffuser, and LED lighting. The wheels also feature unique sporty side-sills, while there is a redesigned rear bumper and clear taillight covers.

The Honda Freed design study meanwhile is painted in a metallic purple shade, and features engraved metal touches, purple-tinged wheels, and well-incorporated fog lights. On the inside, the Freed has a black and white interior with purple stitching, and Honda expects the colour scheme to appeal to females.

The Honda Life design study is equally colourful, being painted in a bright yellow, reminiscent of a taxicab. There are also design graphics on the wheels and roof, and the interior features ambient blue lighting, yellow inserts, black trim, and two-tone seats.

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