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Peugeot has revealed the 408 sedan, which is based on the 308 and will be built and sold exclusively in China

28 Jan 2010 | International News : China

The Peugeot 408 was unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show last weekend, and is a long-wheelbase sedan based on the 308. The 408 is not the replacement for Peugeot’s current 407 executive sedan, which will be replaced by the upcoming 508 that will be launched in 2011.

The upcoming 508 will replace both the 407 and 607 sedans in Peugeot’s range in the European and other markets, and is expected to be launched around 2011. The 408 is a slightly smaller sedan that will be built in Wuhan, China, and sold exclusively in the Chinese market.

The 408 measures 4680mm long, and features a large sunroof and a big boot to satisfy Chinese consumers. Peugeot says that the 408 was designed and conceived in China and Europe to "[E]mbody the Marque's modernity, guarantee maximum safety and offer unrivalled interior space". Peugeot expects to sell about 100,000 units of the 408 in China annually.

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