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08 Sep 2006 | International News :

Avon Tyres has been confirmed as the official tyre supplier for the Connaught Motor Company- with the famous British marque returning to production after a 45-year absence. The V10 Connaught Type-D H, the world's first performance hybrid sports coupé, will be shod with Avon ZZ3 tyres (215/35 18 on the front and 225/35 18 on the rear).

Meanwhile, the non-hybrid, supercharged Type-D GT will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Connaught's historic victory at the 1955 Syracuse Grand Prix in Sicily, when Tony Brooks became the first British driver to win a post-war GP in a British car.

The 300bhp special edition, which will have a top speed of 170mph and be able to achieve 0-60mph in under 5 seconds, will be fitted with Avon's trusted 245/35Y19 ZZ3 tyres.

The ZZ3 will be the perfect choice for the rebirth of Connaught, as it offers superb roadholding in wet and dry conditions and predictable handling characteristics that inspire confidence in high-performance cars.

Connaught is currently taking deposits on the Type-D H and the limited edition Type-D GT Syracuse of which only 100 will be manufactured. First deliveries are expected later in 2006.

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