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If only they could make an app for the common cold

14 Dec 2010 | International News : Belgium

Everybody knows that the tempo of your music can affect the way that you drive. A fast paced beat, good lyrics and no passengers can turn anyone into a singer.

And often times, that can lead you to stray over the speed limit (we've all done it).

But now, there's an app for your iPhone that's designed to slow down (distort) the tempo of your music, if you stray over the posted speed limit. And, if you go 10 km/h over the limit, your music will stop, until you've reduced your speed.

The app was designed by the Belgian group OVK (Parents of Children Killed in Road Accidents). And it's intended to be used by anyone. However, it makes particular sense for teenaged drivers.

In case you're thinking about making this app an early Christmas gift for Speedy Jr. it's called the 'Slow Down' App, and it's only available on the Apple iPhone.

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