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COE prices for the cars in the main Categories A and B saw a slight fall in the latest tender for March 2011, but other categories saw prices went up

09 Mar 2011 | Local News : Singapore

Category A, for cars below 1600cc and taxis, saw a marginal drop of $399, to end at $42,600. This is a 0.9% decrease over the previous tender's price of $42,999 in late February.

Category B, meanwhile, saw an even smaller drop, ending at $61,894, a mere $106 decrease over the previous bidding exercise's price of $62,000. This is a 0.2% decrease over the previous month's price.

The Open Category E however, saw a tiny increase over the previous month, ending at $62,010, a $9 rise over the previous month's premium of $62,001.

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