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Lexus has brought its successful L'Exhibition to Singapore which offers budding Lexus buyers irrefutable deals with avant-garde service.

14 Aug 2012 | Local News : Singapore

Lexus will present its L'Exhibition 2012 in Singapore which showcases Lexus’ range of models combined with bespoke hospitality service and a tempting ownership offer. The exhibition is held for the first time here and will run till the 19th of September.

During this limited period, the entire Lexus range from the country’s best selling hybrid - the CT 200h, to the recently launched LS flagship will be entitled to free servicing, road tax and warranty for a five year period besides an exceptional overtrade value for trade-in vehicles.

Lexus believes the offer provided during the L’Exhibition period will boost the value and appeal of purchasing a Lexus automobile. Lexus is one of the leading manufacturers in both premium and hybrid vehicles besides known for its revolutionary technologies in automotive performance, refinement, and customer service standards.

An additional ownership benefit during the L’Exhibition period will be available for hybrid vehicle buyers. Borneo Motor’s will offer the industry first’s Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty (HBEW) Programme which provides a full 10 year warranty on the hybrid batteries.

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