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Honda has issued a global recall for 250,000 vehicles due to a braking problem including models from Acura. None from Singapore are affected.

15 Mar 2013 | International News : Japan

Japanese automaker, Honda, is recalling nearly 250,000 vehicles worldwide for a brake problem caused by improper electronics and wiring in the vehicle stability assist system. The brakes in the affected vehicles are suddenly activated even when the driver is not braking. No accidents have been reported pertaining to the problem.

Honda announced it was recalling more than 183,000 vehicles in the US, including three models from its American luxury brand Acura. More than 56,000 vehicles were recalled in Japan, while 8,000 vehicles in Canada and a few from Australia, Mexico and Germany are affected. The Straits Times reports the global recall does not affect any Honda vehicles in Singapore.  

The affected vehicles were produced from March 2004 through May 2006.

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