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The world preview of the 'SMEG 500' fridge was held last week in Paris and is intended for the most exclusive, contemporary environments throughout the world.

07 Jun 2013 | International News : Paris

The 'SMEG 500' fridge, produced by Smeg and Fiat with the stylistic collaboration of Italia Independent, had its world preview in Paris last week. The event took place at the Colette concept store in Rue Saint-Honore.

The 'SMEG 500' fulfils its function while showing off a new look and becoming an object which captures, intrigues and attracts the eye
Enticing the eye, raising a smile and applying the passion of creativity to the use of technology: these are the design concepts that have always inspired Fiat and Smeg. This special chemistry has resulted in the exclusive 'SMEG 500'.

An authentic icon of Italian manufacturing, the Fiat 500 thus expands its appeal into the bars and living rooms all over the world. The 'SMEG 500' fridge extends the 'Fiat 500 Design Collection' of exclusive products - a sofa, a table and a console table - all inspired by the car which, more than any other, has marked the collective imagination of Italy.

With this new partnership, Fiat reaffirms its interest in the design world, not only related to the automotive sector, but also in other areas.  That's why Smeg - a company with a strong reputation for its technological know-how enables it to meet any design and functional requirements - proved to be the ideal partner to carry out this ambitious project.

The 'SMEG 500' is also a symbolic product which evokes the historic connection between these two examples of Italian excellence. Fiat and Smeg met for the first time in the 1950s, the era of mass motoring - the New Fiat 500 was presented in Turin on 4 July 1957 - but also of the development of 'white goods' as household appliances. The result of that meeting was an agreement which led Fiat to expand its production to include refrigerators, thanks to the invaluable contribution of Smeg.

The 'SMEG 500' fridge can now be ordered directly on the site.

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