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Kah Motor has announced the lineup for the all new 2014 Honda Odyssey, in its fifth generation, slated to be launched in February 2014.

17 Oct 2013 | Local News : Singapore

The Honda Odyssey made its first appearance in Singapore in 1994. Four generations followed, leading to the fifth generation 2014 Odyssey, which is scheduled for launch in February 2014.

The Odyssey EXV features a seven seat configuration with a pair of ultra-luxurious Cradle seats in the second row
Revolutionary, more luxurious, better performing and better equipped than any other model in the Odyssey's 20-year history, the 2014 Odyssey remarkably advances the sense of comfort and luxurious space to a level not previously available.

Vehicle dynamics, driver involvement and handling finesse sets the Odyssey apart from its lesser competitive class rivals. By embracing compatibility and integration with the latest smart phone technology, the Odyssey offers the latest technological advancement to make ownership state of the art.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey offers the convenience of dual power sliding doors and smart keyless access in the two variants that will be introduced, which is set to satisfy Odyssey customers.

A multi-view camera system is standard on the Honda Odyssey EXV and offers the convenience of Cross Traffic Monitor, Smart Parking Assist and Blind Spot Information. Factory-fitted leather upholstery coupled with a sporty black interior takes first class travel in the Odyssey EXV to a new level. The front seats get eight-way power adjustments for the driver's seat and four-way power adjustments for the front passenger seat. A sunroof and 17-inch aero design alloy wheels are standard.

An eight-seat configuration with a bench style seating arrangement in the second row comes standard on the Odyssey EX
On the other hand, the Odyssey EX seats up to eight comfortably in its airy and spacious interior with a bench style seating arrangement in the second row. A luxurious beige interior is standard on the EX with smooth and pleasant high quality upholstery while a wide angle rear camera system and Bluetooth Handsfree Telephone makes driving the Odyssey EX even safer and pleasurable.

Both variants are powered by Honda's Earth Dreams 2.4-litre DOHC i-VTEC engine. And for the first time in Singapore, Honda’s new Earth Dreams Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) will be introduced.

To overcome the shortcomings of conventional CVT design, Honda has incorporated a new system that offers strong and quick acceleration from start and a revolutionary G-Design Shift that realises an exhilarating and sporty driving feel.

G-Design Shift is a new coordinated control system for gearing, throttle and hydraulic control. It responds quickly to driver input to maintain strong and smooth acceleration G. With its new Earth Dreams power plant, the 2014 Honda Odyssey is about 11 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing model. It is also the most fuel efficient model in its class.

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