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Find out more as we sample three different types of cars and put them through their paces and spaces to see which is the best for Christmas.

10 Dec 2012

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Manoeuvrability with space and pace

Even with the tree in place, Julian can still have enough space to daydream in the back seat
There's really more to the Lexus RX350 than just its new 'spindle' grille and sharpened on-road dynamics. Sure, the pricing has been raised due to COE prices - you can have other German choices rather than just a Japanese car - but no big news there. But this time round, the real story here isn't so much about the price of the Lexus SUV.

It's crystal clear that Lexus knows that it has a good thing going with the RX. I mean pioneering products often fall out of people's favour and get pushed aside as newer and better things come onto the scene. The RX was a pioneer at one time but it was eventually slowed down as more innovative and newer cars flooded its segment. But despite this torrent of competition, the hot-selling car has been constantly kept fresh and updated without compromising on its luxurious cabin and everyday utility.

It is what it is. The RX350 is a well-made, spacious, comfort-filled SUV that fulfils its mission to perfection. And a reputation for reliability and a devoted customer base certainly helps in this regard.

The 825 litres of space is more than enough to see to your holiday season shopping
But more relevantly to what I'm getting at, thanks to its generous dimensions and engineering mastery, the SUV boasts up to 446 litres of boot space with the rear seats up and a whopping 825 litres with them stowed. Hence, when it comes to holiday seasons like, say, Christmas, and you need the ample room for hauling your tree and ornaments around, the car doesn't disappoint.

No doubt a stationwagon or an MPV will get the job done but can those types of cars do it as luxurious and stylish as the RX? Manoeuvrability with grace is what I'd like to call it - even if you look like Santa behind the wheel with a huge tree in the boot. You see, the Lexus RX will devour just about anything (you’ll get what I mean when you see the pictures) with its spacious cargo and it's one of the two simple reasons why we had to include it in this Christmas tree set up.

Of course the other main reason is the fact that the Lexus is an inevitably classy, sassy and user-friendly SUV. There are, of course, other choices from Volvo, Audi, BMW and even Volkswagen but the Lexus RX continues to maintain its top-tier status, even if it's no longer a pioneer.

This is the story of the Lexus RX.

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