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Changes in the macro environment have paved the way for diesel passenger cars. But just how well will it stand up to the conventional petrol?

10 Jan 2013

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Sold on Petrol - The charm of abundance

Back from a long holiday, the Citroen C4 is all ready to shine in the competitive hatchback segment.

With the new Carbon Emissions Vehicle Scheme (CEVS), it's a tough call to make when faced with the new Citroen C4, both in petrol and diesel guises. The two variants are literally identical, with a redesigned exterior that is striking and assertive, yet elegant and compact to fit the bill as a hatchback. 

Regan thinks that petrol is still the way to go - refinement is of utmost importance
Now you may start to ponder, are there any differences and which is better? Instead of touching on how the diesel variant isn't any good, I'm just going to highlight the little advantages the petrol variant has over it.

Firstly, the petrol variant is not really a thirsty hippo. Weighing in at 1,275kg, which is 15kg lighter than the diesel C4, as well as being equipped with a multi-point electronic turbocharged fuel injection system complemented with a six-speed electronic gearbox system providing for around 15km/L, it wouldn't hurt your pockets that bad.

Although the petrol powered C4 loses out in terms of its torque figure, it has more horses to see that it finishes the century dash in 8.7 seconds - that's a solid four seconds faster than its diesel brethren. With that kind of performance figures, coupled with an industrial sounding engine, it's just hard not to think of the diesel variant as a truck.

Size 18 shoes give the petrol C4 a better stance over the diesel
Design wise, the petrol C4 does not lose out too. Although the test car I had came with a bigger set of 18-inchers (I got lucky), the petrol variant comes with a size 17 as standard. And if you are wondering what shoes the diesel variant is wearing, they are merely a set of plain-looking 16-inchers. 

Inside the C4, it wouldn't take long to realise that one of its features is the ability to customise the colour of the instrument panel, which sadly to say, is only available on the petrol variant. Yes, it may sound like some gimmick, but at least there is a lesser possibility of you getting bored staring at the same old colour.

With these factors ironed out, I have made my choice. How about you?

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