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With a budget of $200,000, the Editorial Team sets off to find the dream cars of their own. Find out if these cars are worth every penny.

12 Mar 2013

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Julian's Sweet Swift - Where the smart money is spent

The start of new car buying rules and regulations may cause many to be less capable in financial terms but the Suzuki Swift Sport represents the undisputed deal of this particular spectrum. The combination of generous performance figures, couple of acknowledged reliable issues and a certain desire from loyal fans (or fanboys, for that matter) taking a strong liking to the Swift Sport moniker have made the Japanese pocket rocket a hatchback that's truly worth every cent. 

If you're successful in buying a sound car for $118,900 (as of 5th Mar 2013), what more can you possibly ask for? It even qualifies for $5,000 CEVS rebate!
Suzuki brought the Swift Sport to such a broad audience than any other models in its lineup. The added refinement and efficiency of the 1.6-litre engine is matched by a remarkable driving comfort and the peace of mind of back-to-basics driving - for drivers who are seriously concerned about the unintended potential of the car's sound dynamics and handling capabilities. 

The Swift Sport is no soft slouch either. With a healthy helping of 134 horses and 160Nm of torque sent to front wheels via the intuitive six-speed manual (or CVT if you prefer two pedals), the zippy hatch is good for 0-100km/h in 8.7 seconds.

The car's talkative steering is a particular highlight and because of that, it's great fun to pilot it on a twisty road. It carves corners with absolute precision, excellent brakes and lots of confidence-inspiring grip. Displaying very little body roll, few hatches are as capable or entertaining on challenging roads.

Simply put, on the right road with the right mood, the Swift Sport is sensational.

The stick shifter slots into gears so clearly and smoothly it'll reward you with a very satisfying drive
There's really no denying the fundamental sweetness of the Swift Sport. It takes no strain at all to work out why so many consider this car to be the best in its class. Even the sporty character is obviously displayed on the inside. It's the first Swift Sport to get high quality fit and finish with red stitching on its bucket seats and steering wheel. And to be able to sit five with ease, you can check the practical box with one eye shut. 

As for its styling, it's modern and muscular at the same time. With sharp-edged fog lamps surrounds and enlarged grilles, the face of the car looks more energetic than any of its peers. What makes it so lovable is the fact that Suzuki managed to find a sweet spot with its design without looking overly raucous in any way imaginable.

As a car to own, to look at and to shell out for every opportunity possible is unique. I loved every second I was in this car. Just like how every car should be.
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