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No longer just the domain for lack-of-fashion family men, stationwagons have taken mainstream to a brand new level. Here, two Mercedes-Benz prove their point.

25 Jul 2013

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Shooting Brake. What a cool name to begin an article with, let alone a name for a car.

Let's get acquainted: The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Brake is essentially the estate version of the CLS-Class - a coupe that combines the sports car elegance with four-door versatility market.

Bold curves and swooping roofline make the Shooting Brake one of the sexiest estates in the market
You could say the time I spent with the Shooting Brake (and the recently launched facelifted E-Class Estate) was something of a corny, syrupy-sweet juvenilia, which is what I like so much about how and who I was when I was driving it. And just to be clear, I don't mean that kind of Despicable Me minion toys syrupy-sweet, or corny for that matter. Nevertheless, that's a story for another time.

By and large, the automotive industry in Singapore has been dominated by uplifting tales of good old sedans triumphing over estates. I, being the person I am, disagree on an intense level for a number of reasons and one of them being how most sedans are merely names and styles and the communication between man and machine are based on that and that only.

I've always been preoccupied with babes, baths and bottles (of scotch), but have me placed in the Shooting Brake and everything starts to make sense. It's a space for the passionate, a melting pot of sophistication and progressive entity of desirability.

In layman's terms, Merc wasn't creating mainstream, it was creating a new appearance and a message for people who were looking for something else. This car isn't made for just the casual supermarket sweep. You can drive this down to the gala dinner at a posh nosh hotel and still get numerous envious eyeballs enough to make you feel like a sex symbol.

It's still an estate, no doubt. But it's one that has a lot of suave, more so than others in its segment. I can probably go on for another 17 more pages but I don't see the point. Perhaps that's why we decided to take the whole office out for a shoot with both estates just to prove our emotional logic behind the cars. Whether or not we look good in the picture is, of course, down to personal perception.

But if you want, we can always get acquainted.

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