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BMW's compact M coupe has always been held as the benchmark for fun on wheels. But is it worth the excessive premium from a 'common man's' 4 Series Convertible?

25 Sep 2014

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There has been a great deal of debate if there's a direct link between the monetary value of a car and the level of fun it is capable of. In other words, is it true that a more expensive and quicker car is also more fun and involving to drive?

Besides its distinctive looks, the M4 is a totally different animal compared to its non-M stablemates
We can easily point out various scenarios where the above statement is untrue. Undisputedly, a $200k Toyota 86 is much more engaging than a million-dollar limousine. But the conclusion wouldn't have been so clear-cut if the comparison involves a 4 Series Convertible and an M4, which incidentally, are the subjects of this feature.

While you may argue that a 4er Coupe is genetically closer to the M4 Coupe, hence more fitting for this feature, we reckon the convertible will level out the fight with its drop-top flair and a varied 'lifestyle' element.

In Singapore, retail for the 4er Convertible starts from $290k, while a properly-specced M4 should easily cross the $400k mark. That means opting for the convertible will leave you with enough change for an average Japanese sedan.

But we are not here to discuss which option offers more metal for the penny, but rather which is more invigorating to drive. Using a more scientific way of measurement, the convertible costs $1,180 per bhp, while the M4 asks for just $940 per horse. This immediately makes the M4 feel like a bargain.

Being the pricier of the two, the M4 also receives a load of go-faster carbon fibre bits, displayed prominently on the roof and in the cabin. But the dark weaved material does more than just adding to the M4's bragging rights. It sheds weight, which is a universal rival to all sports and racing cars.

And the M4 is meant to be a road legal race car.
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