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FORCE Big Brake Kits (GEN 2) embody performance, quality and flair, ensuring that you stop your vehicle swiftly, safely and stylishly.

25 Oct 2013

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Brakes are essentially a mechanism to change energy types. When you're travelling at speed, your vehicle has kinetic energy. As you apply the brakes, the pads that press against the brake drum or rotor convert that energy into thermal energy via friction. The cooling of the brakes dissipates the heat and the vehicle slows down.

More material on BBKs also means a larger surface area for brake pads to generate friction with, and provide better heat dissipation
Typical OEM brakes are designed for bread and butter cars performing routine tasks - the morning and evening commute, grocery shopping, driving the kids to soccer practice, etc.

On the other hand, sports cars typically have much bigger discs or rotors than the average family car. These big brake kits (BBKs) feature a bigger rotor with more material so it can absorb more heat. Larger rotors also put the point of contact with the pads further away from the axle of rotation. This provides a larger mechanical advantage to resist the turning of the rotor itself.

As such, BBKs offer more brake power which translates to shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, less brake fade in the system and a better spread of heat over the cylinder to prevent damaging effects that other standard factory installed systems suffer from.


FORCE BBKs are available in a wide range of sizes and colours for consumers to choose from
Following the success of the first generation BBKs, FORCE has rolled out the second and latest generation, developed to offer performance-inspired braking components to provide superior braking.

Ranging from huge 4 pots to massive 12 pots, consumers do not need to worry about finding the correct size. These kits feature high quality T6 forging material which is lighter than other brake kits, yet able to deliver the performance enthusiasts seek.

Combining performance with style, there are over 200 colours of available for consumers to choose from to suit their ride, and if the generous range of colours still do not satisfy, the colours of the chosen callipers can be customised.

FORCE BBKs are endorsed by Singapore's very own LIONSXII striker, Fazrul Nawaz, and they represent accuracy and performance.

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