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Dr Glass' restoration service makes glass and head light restoration easily accessible and affordable for anyone in Singapore.

24 Dec 2014

A vehicle's windscreen is more than just a piece of glass to keep the wind and rain out. It is also an important safety feature that provides a certain degree of protection to those inside the vehicle in case of an accident.

Every automobile owner has an obligation to ensure that their car windscreens are in good condition at all times
With stones flying in all directions due to current construction rate, windscreen damage is an everyday occurrence. But it's not always necessary to get the windscreen replaced as some damages can be safely repaired without hefty expenses or the risk of implications arising after replacement.

Who is Dr Glass and what services does it offer?

Dr Glass was established in 2013 by Vincent Tan with experience in the automotive trade since the age of 14. Although it is a fairly new company, it has received numerous positive feedback and testimonials from its satisfied clients.

One of the main services provided by Dr Glass is glass restoration. Any crack that is smaller than a 50 cent coin on the front windscreen can be repaired by Dr Glass regardless of any car make and model. From assessing the damage and removing dirt to injecting a special patented resin and curing with ultraviolet light, the whole process requires approximately 30 minutes, allowing Dr Glass to provide a hassle free and time-saving service for its customers.

It is also important to note that side windows and the rear windscreen cannot be repaired from cracks because they are not made of laminated glass layers but tempered glass.

Scratches on side windows, the rear windscreen or any other glass surfaces can be rectified by Dr Glass
Other glass restoration services offered by Dr Glass include commercial/private glass scratches restoration work, windscreen watermark removal and windscreen treatment.

Another notable service that Dr Glass provides is head light restoration. Head lights with a cloudy or hazy look are becoming increasingly common and they affect hundreds and thousands of vehicles. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary culprit in the head light aging process, compounded by other environmental factors. The problem tends to be more serious in warmer, sunny climates like Singapore's.

Dr Glass is the nation's leading head light beautification company. Dr Glass' patented head light restoration formula is the only system that guarantees to restore any failed head light to almost 100 percent new, regardless of its current condition or whether it's a result of a botched restoration. Dr Glass is so confident and knows that its system works that it offers the industry's only written warranty. If Dr Glass' head light restoration fails, customers will get a new restoration service or the full amount refunded.

Dr Glass does not simply apply some chemical to clean it. The restoration process that goes beyond all current conventional polishing kits based on cleaning processes to address issues that were previously impossible to correct by others. Rock chips, sand pitting, dry (crazing) cracks, oxidation, tarnishing, internal HID haze, water damage, failed seals, and internal condensation can now all be addressed within one restoration appointment.

Dr Glass also provides custom paint modification work on head lights. Unlike conventional spraying of black paint on the reflector, Dr Glass uses its top notched air brush to fully customise all colours and even the smallest of details.

IDr Glass' speciall formulated permanent UV coating ensures superior prevention against UV rays
Unlike other head light restoration services that bring out slightly better looks and last for only two to three months, Dr Glass employs a more thorough process involving machinery to resurface and refinish in order to restore clarity and smoothness. Stripping of lens apart is necessary to refurbish the internal hazing lens or chrome sector, which many other companies do not provide.

Dr Glass' professional stripping and sealing method with its head light sealant is a very important process that concerns future water leakage. Dr Glass does not employ 'luck-trying' methods and uses its expertise to seal the lens back to avoid moisture condensation in the long run.

What are some of the advantages of visiting Dr Glass?

Dr Glass ensures that every restoration job is done with the strictest quality checks and with the greatest detail. As a result, customers do not need to worry at all after repair works are completed.

In addition, Dr Glass' windscreen repair uses the highest grade of resin, which does not turn yellowish under the sun or subsides and deteriorates to ensure it holds up the structural rigidity of the glass.

The firm's head light restoration also ensures a fresh layer of permanent UV coating is applied/sprayed and finally cured. This unique coating has been specially developed for head light restoration work and has superb preventive measures against UV rays, allowing the head light to last between two to four years until the end of the vehicle's life.

Most importantly, Dr Glass provides a written warranty for its windscreen repair service and head light restoration service so customers can have peace of mind.

As a mobile service, Dr Glass saves important time for its customers by providing its services anywhere in Singapore
Why choose Dr Glass?

Dr Glass takes pride in all its services and aims to deliver only the best appearance. It strives to be a leader in the industry by acquiring the latest technology and providing only the best service.

To better understand how glass and plastic restoration works, the head restorer from Dr Glass, Vincent Tan, also received training in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Since its inception, Dr Glass has developed huge savings opportunities for its customers. Dr Glass' professional services can restore windscreens and head lights for a small fraction of the cost of replacement. Insurance excess costs are avoided, solar films are saved and the original factory seal is intact, thus preventing water leakage and wising sounds in the long run. At the same time, there will be brighter head lights for better visuals during nightfall as well as a huge improvement in cosmetic appeal.

For more information, please visit its website or its attractive portfolio at its Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call 6758 3287 or 8777 7740.

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