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COSMICS Quartz Glass Coating provides a barrier over the surface of your car's paint, keeping it out of harm's way.

05 Jun 2015

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The last few years have been very exciting for the automotive industry with the introduction of permanent and semi-permanent glass coatings across the board.

The excellent hydrophobicity creates beautiful water beads with a high contact angle and clears away the dirt too
While a typical car wax or paint sealant wears off after a couple months, a glass coating such as COSMICS Quartz Glass Coating forms a much stronger and harder bond that can withstand weather elements to a much greater degree.

COSMICS Quartz Glass Coating

COSMICS Quartz Glass Coating consists of a range of advanced products that bonds and cross links with a car's paint surface to provide a protective hard layer. Two highlights of the lineup are the COSMICS X1 9H Quartz Glass and X3 Hybrid Coating, and they complement each other perfectly.

COSMICS X1 is an innovative product for paint surface protection with more than 96 percent of active materials used. It forms a thin crystalline film that features a high pencil hardness of 9H, which provides anti-scratch characteristics. The film increases surface thickness and offers very high clarity and transparency with a mirror reflective gloss that can last up to three years.

As a result, the car's surface is encased in an extremely durable hard glass layer that acts as a shield to protect the surface against scratches, stone chips, corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, ultra violet (UV) rays and heat.

On the other hand, COSMICS X3 is a hybrid coating that offers a semi-permanent layer with ultra water and dirt repellence. The combination of a quartz based inorganic base coat and an organic fluorine layer offers extreme hardness and durability with a slick and high-gloss top coat.
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