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The Volkswagen Touran may be an MPV, but it's suited for newly weds and young couples who are looking for style, space and comfort.

17 Aug 2015

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You could almost say that Volkswagen must be an innovator and an influencer, considering the German carmaker gave us cars like the Golf and the Up! and have, since its launch in 1974, sold over 29 million units of the former car.

Enjoying a peaceful moment at the rented apartment
While in our minds this has always been true, what's changed, however, is the way its cars are perceived. Gone are the days when VW cars are mere machines with simple technology that can transport you from one place to another. Thanks to the revolutionary transformations in the automotive world, the traditional relationships between a man and machine as well as the perceptions of cars have altered.

And as you can imagine, the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is one such vehicle type that is going through this alteration.

MPVs used to be perceived as boring vehicles for 'drifting' dads and soccer mums who needed space for their children and in-laws. But as I have experienced recently with my partner as we made our way around Amsterdam in a Volkswagen Touran, these family vehicles aren't all that bad.

We're young at heart, new at marriage (yes, D, for right or wrong reasons) and have yet to hit mid-life crisis, and we sure as hell look cool driving the Touran. As a matter of fact, the MPV does not even look out of place parked outside our rented apartment, with its sleek and modern frontal design, bold shoulder lines and an overall coherent silhouette.

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