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The differences between the new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are merely skin deep, but both will suit different taste buds and two opposing schools of thought.

03 Sep 2015

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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that swear by stout and those who prefer quenching their thirst with regular beer. However, likening the said alcohol beverages to the new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire may be frowned upon by some so we'll leave the dark versus light beer discussion for another time and place.

Representing balance - an automotive tale of Yin and Yang
Let us, instead, look at these premium Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) from the point of view of something we Singaporeans love and are pretty familiar with - fried carrot cake, affectionately known as chai tow kway. For those who are confused, it's not the sweet baked cake with frosting that you have with your tea or coffee. Rather, the carrot cake in question comes in the form of fried cubes of radish cake made from white radish and steamed rice flour.

This oily yet deeply respected dish also comes in two variations - the regular 'white' and the sweeter 'black', which is made by cooking it with a dark sweet soy sauce. Although both are rather contrasting in colour and to different taste globets, they are borne from the same wok, main ingredients and chef. Yet, whichever you choose, both still guarantee a flavoursome good time.

Just like our fried carrot cake, the white-on-white Toyota Alphard and the in-and-out black Vellfire that we drove are mechanically the same but differentiated by name as well as both interior and exterior styling. The Toyota Alphard was developed with "luxurious and valiant" as its theme to convey a distinctive luxurious look and feel, while the Toyota Vellfire was developed with "bold and daring" as its motto to express a sense of drama and robustness. Whichever design tickles your fancy, you definitely can have your cake and eat it too.

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