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QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming Centre offers a PTFE-based paint protection system that creates a smooth protective layer and a long-lasting shine.

03 Aug 2016

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Understanding PTFE coating and its application to car paint protection

Most people will be familiar with the Teflon™ brand, which is a registered trademark for a range of non-stick products used in kitchenware. However, what many people may not know is that while we often colloquially refer to the chemical composition as 'Teflon', that is not strictly accurate. The chemical compound that forms the basis of products that we call 'Teflon' is PTFE.

The resulting protective layer is highly durable, preserving the gleaming shine of your car's paintwork
PTFE is a highly hydrophobic chemical, and creates a surface that is extremely smooth to the touch. Run your fingers over any Teflon™ frying pan and you will experience the smoothness associated with the PTFE chemical compound.

During the application process, a cationic (positively charged) surfactant is applied to the car's metal surfaces, which purges pores in the layers and creates a positive magnetic charge. When the anionic (negatively charged) QMI formulated PTFE resins are applied, the opposing polarity binds the two surfaces together. When bonded and cured, it creates a protective layer that is a highly durable, anti-static, transparent, non-stick and chemically inert.

The hydrophobic quality of PTFE means that the coated layer repels water, and will cause water droplets to bead and flow off the surface. The benefit of such a paint protection system is easy and fuss-free maintenance - all you need to do is to wash your car with water, at least once a month. It is also easy to clean - dirt can be simply wiped away with a dry cloth.

After the QMI products are applied, ToughGuard Nano Surface Protection is applied as a final protective layer. The ToughGuard treatment uses high-quality, durable acrylic elements to create a protective layer that forms a hard, transparent, and anti-static glass barrier. ToughGuard's revolutionary nano-technology creates an impenetrable 'Crystal Diamond Shine' that beads up water and sheds dust and dirt. 

It utilises the same concept of having opposing-charged layers to allow the formula to bond and crosslink, resulting in a durable layer of protection that offers shine enhancement, corrosion protection, spot resistance and detergent resistance. It creates a smooth surface that retains shine and resists environmental contaminants longer than traditional waxes, polymers and silicones. It also combines very effectively with the QMI Teflon product for a hard and smooth protective layer that last for years.

The company is also the only one to offer PTFE-based paint protection in Singapore, as it is a very hard material to get. In most cases, PTFE is sold in bulk quality for industrial use, and the company is able to acquire it as it is the sole agent for QMI products in Singapore. The QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming Centre is located at 2 Jurong East St 21 3rd Level Car Park IMM Building Singapore (609601). To find out more and to make an appointment, you can call 6563 2545 or 9479 0355.

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