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Road trips will never be the same again with Wize Electronics' wide range of car audio systems, which will bring your eargasms to a whole new level.

28 Dec 2016

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With great driving comes great music. One does not simply drive without rocking out to some Metallica or Led Zeppelin, especially on road trips. There's something about music that just makes driving that much more enjoyable than it already is.

The M Series is a six-channel amplifier, speaker and woofer setup with an internal cooling fan
Back in August, we took a road trip up to Malacca and it would have been a drag had it not been for our never-ending playlist of guitar-shredding, drum-smashing good ol' Rock and Roll.

It would have been even better if we had had a proper, fully-equipped car audio system to savour every pentatonic note and paradiddle.

Stairway to car audio heaven

Wize Electronics, a supplier of car audio systems, promises to bring your eargasms to a whole new level with its full range of Audio System's speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers.

Audio System is a German specialist in automotive audio systems. Its Founder, Axel Forderer, started off importing amplifiers from Italy and moved on to develop his own loudspeakers and crossovers. All of Audio System's products are made in Germany.

The M Series, Audio System's mid-range product, is a four-channel amplifier, speaker and woofer setup with an internal cooling fan. Alongside the M Series are the CO Series - Audio System's entry level system - Radion and X-ION Series'. These mid-ranged car audio systems offer the highest quality at an affordable price.

In addition, Audio System manufactures make-specific systems for Audi, BMW and Volkswagen cars. It also has the widest variety of audio systems for BMW cars.
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