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For car rental, leasing and limousine services, turn to EHB Limousine Pte Ltd, a professional and dynamic company that believes strongly in service excellence.

10 Jan 2017

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Having a car is a wonderful thing. A car grants you personal mobility and independence, lets you travel as fast as local law enforcement permits, take family and friends out in comfort, and acts as a sanctuary from a hectic and cruel world.

Customer service perfection is EHB Limousine Pte Ltd's top priority
But as much as everyone loves having a car, cars in Singapore are just so expensive to own and run. Apart from the servicing and maintenance costs of car ownership, you also have to consider high downpayment and insurance amounts before you can enjoy the perks of having one.

Due to the Monetary Authority of Singapore's car loan restrictions, not everyone who wishes to purchase a car is able to cough up the down payment amount. However, does this mean you are forever denied the chance of having a car?

The answer to the abovementioned question is leasing and for that, there is EHB Limousine Pte Ltd.

EHB Limousine

EHB Limousine Pte Ltd is a one-stop service for people who want to rent or lease a car. If you're feeling a little fancy, the company even provides reliable, top-notch limousine services for airport transfers, day-to-day travel and corporate events.

Incorporated in 2013, the company believes that service quality is of utmost importance and goes out of its way to ensure that service standards are never compromised.

EHB Limousine Pte Ltd works around the clock to ensure that its customers, even last minute ones, are well-taken care of. Unlike many companies, which put you through vexing answering machines, EHB Limousine Pte Ltd always has a trained dispatcher on standby to answer and handle your call - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

To date, EHB Limousine Pte Ltd has hundreds of brand new and used cars for short-term rental and long-term leasing, to cater to its increasingly growing customer base.
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10am - 6pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 3pm (Sat)




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