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Get the right vehicles with Volkswagen's fleet programme, which offers the best of both worlds when it comes to affordability and premium ownership experience.

09 Nov 2017

Businesses looking to acquire a fleet typically either opt for more affordable Japanese brands or premium European brands. The thing is, not many carmakers offer a good mix of affordability and premium branding. Volkswagen, on the other hand, provides the best of both worlds with its fleet of commercial and passenger vehicles.

Being a fleet customer offers a comprehensive suite of aftersales support services with Volkswagen
I didn't know Volkswagen offered a fleet programme

Compared to other carmakers, Volkswagen's corporate fleet programme is relatively young, only coming into fruition around mid of 2016. That doesn't mean it has any less to offer, though.

The German marque's lineup of passenger and commercial vehicles is well-known for characteristics such as fuel efficiency, as well as driving ergonomics and comfort.

What makes the Volkswagen fleet programme so special?

Volkswagen offers corporate discounts for returning customers and even extends its 'Five years, Five promises' package to its fleet and light commercial vehicles. This means that leasing companies signed up with Volkswagen for popular passenger models such as the Tiguan, the Passat and the Golf Sportsvan are automatically afforded priority service when it comes to aftersales support.

The package includes having a dedicated sales executive who manages the financial paperwork and servicing schedules. Apart from having dedicated personnel, Volkswagen also offers benefits and promises such as securing a service appointment within three days, plus a quick and thorough three-hour express service on Fridays. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

Discounts and savings aside, employee morale is also a huge factor in the fleet buying process. Companies have to take into consideration their employees' well-being while on the road. A major aspect, which affects a driver's performance on the job, is driving comfort. Another often overlooked but essential factor is safety. With Volkswagen models, all occupants are guaranteed the highest standards of protection.

Upgrade your older Cat C diesel vehicles to cleaner, newer models such as the Volkswagen Transporter with the Early Turnover Scheme
Fleet customers are always pleasantly surprised after they test drive a Volkswagen light commercial vehicle. The proof of the pudding is the high levels of driving comfort that Volkswagen vehicles provide, especially during long hauls.

Drivers have reported that they experience lesser fatigue, less health issues such as body and backaches, which in turn increase productivity while driving a Transporter, for example.

One Volkswagen fleet customer even had its employee test drive a Volkswagen light commercial vehicle for a week. The result was a resounding approval of the vehicle's driving comfort, as well as its renowned fuel efficiency.

I'm already a fleet customer…

If you already have a commercial fleet and are looking to upgrade it, you may be interested in the Land Transport Authority's Early Turnover Scheme. This scheme, in a nutshell, encourages commercial fleet owners to replace their older Category C diesel vehicles with more environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient Euro 6 models.

One huge advantage of the scheme is that it doesn't require another Certificate of Entitlement bidding since it 'piggybacks' on the existing one. What you'll need to do is deregister your existing vehicle and, within the period of one month, replace it with a model that meets the aforementioned requirements. More in-depth information is available on the OneMotoring website.

For more information on fleet deals from Volkswagen, please visit or give the Volkswagen team a call at +65 6922 3600.

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