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Singapore may be small but that doesn't mean she can't cater for excitement. Here are five out-of-the-box date ideas for those with an adventurous heart.

19 Apr 2018

While we constantly remind ourselves to go beyond the norm, to step out of our comfort zones and experience life beyond our nine to five, it's easy to end up being sucked back into a routine lifestyle that's structured by work-life imbalance, matrimony, housing and procreation. But there's also a side of us that's aching to be fun, to live life out-of-the-box, to be diverse. In many ways, it's a personality shared largely by the MINI Countryman - a car that's, like many of us, an adventurer.

It knows that it takes a little extra torque to go the extra mile. It has a pioneering spirit. Its palette is earthy, its performance is robust, and though it wouldn't wander completely off the map, it's notably rugged around the edges. Equipped with a versatile, go-anywhere attitude, it transforms from undercover urbanite to intrepid explorer in an instant. It knows its way around a city, but its heart is beyond city limits. Yet, it's also the most practical MINI ever.

Like the MINI Countryman, our pragmatism rules over a large part of our lives. But there are ways in which we can switch things up and infuse a little contrast to the everyday. Does it have to be expensive? Does it have to involve faraway holidays at exotic locations? Not necessarily. Here at five adventurous date ideas on our sunny island.

Rock climbing is great because much of it is a two-man operation
1. Conquer your fear of heights at Climb Central

Located at Kallang Wave Mall, Climb Central is the tallest indoor air-conditioned sport-climbing venue in Singapore. Suitable for both experienced climbers and beginners who wish to use the facility at their own pace, you can explore the walls on your own or sign up for one of its climbing programmes for a guided session.

It's a great way for the couple that wants to get fit together since much of it is a two-man operation and is a gender-neutral sport.

Address: #B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, Singapore (397718)

Gallop Stable @ Horsecity offers pony rides from just $10 on weekends 
2. Horse around at Gallop Stable

A collection of 10 riding arenas, 200 stables filled with a total of 150 horses and ponies, and a pool of 10 experienced instructors, Gallop Stable at Horsecity is one of the largest public riding centres in Singapore.

It allows anyone of all ages to try horse riding without worrying about membership, monthly subscriptions and royal cost, from as low as $10 on weekends. You can also feed the horses and donkeys, or check out the rabbit enclosure.

Address: 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore (287992)

The two-hour guided walk is conducted on selected Saturday mornings
3. Go on a guided walk at Coney Island Park

Coney Island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, some of which are critically endangered or presumed nationally extinct. Its rustic nature makes you feel like you've stepped into a completely different country entirely.

You can explore the forest and mangrove, cycle or head to the beach. There are also guided walks, conducted on Saturday mornings in June, November and December.

Address: Park at Punggol Settlement, 3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore (828694), and head for the signs that point to Coney Island

It's not popularised as a tourist attraction so it's quiet and you feel like you've really stepped back in time
4.  Step back in time at Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Kampung Lorong Buangkok is Singapore's last kampong, situated off Yio Chu Kang road. Like many before, time seems to slow down and there's a rustic and peaceful vibe, a stark contrast to the bustling city surrounding it.

At its peak, it was 40 families large but those numbers have since been reduced to about 20. Its postal code was 1954, when Singapore was still using four-digit postal codes. And while it's a haven for Instagram shots, do avoid disturbing the residents' privacy.

Address: 7 Lor Buangkok, Singapore (547557)

Changi Point Boardwalk lets you enjoy the sea view, without falling into the waters
5. Take a walk down Changi Point Boardwalk

Changi is a famed part of Singapore for its holiday chalets and Nasi Lemak fixes. But more than that, the area is home to a 2.2km boardwalk at Changi Point.

It connects Changi Beach Club in the western end to the Changi Sailing Club at its midpoint and the Changi Point Ferry Terminal in the eastern end, offering a beautiful view of the coastline

It's open to the public 24 hours and strolling along this continuous scenic route is easy with any comfortable pair of walking shoes. Visitors can enjoy the terrain, flora and fauna, which have been well integrated into its design.

Address: 7A Gosport Rd, Singapore (509710)
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