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Text & Photos | Anthony Lim

26th April 2018
We've all seen many types of bad drivers, but how often do we talk about our passengers? Here are seven worst passengers to have in your car.

From road bullying to parallel parking fails, the topic of bad drivers is everywhere but no one ever really talks about bad passengers. Until now. We present you the seven worst types of passengers to have in your car while you drive.
1.     The backseat driver

"Why are you going this way? The other way is so much faster. Don't give way to that guy, alamak you noob la." Sound familiar? Okay, we may be exaggerating a little, but we've all met at least one person who thinks they're the world's greatest driver.

Having confidence in your driving ability is all fine and dandy, but if you feel a need to prove it even when you're not the one behind the wheel, you've got issues pal.
2.     The boss

Unless you're Bruce Wayne and have Alfred chauffeuring you around 24/7, there's absolutely no reason for you to be sitting in the back when the front passenger seat is empty.

This applies to carpooling apps such as GrabHitch and Ryde as well (RIP Uber Commute), since they're different from taxis and private-hire vehicles. Think of carpooling as an 'I help you, you help me' kind of deal, where two parties have a mutually beneficial agreement, instead of a paid chauffeur service.

Another thing to note when you're sitting up front (and not in the back) is to keep your feet off the dashboard at all times. No driver should have to suffer the trauma of your stinky feet, a whiff of which could knock out an elephant.
3.     The hot mess

The rancid smell of Hong Kong Foot isn't the only thing that makes most drivers gag. Lines of ants and roach infestations also don't exactly make for the most pleasant driving conditions. It's not as bad if you're consuming food that doesn't leave a trail of crumbs or crusty stains behind, but if it sends an open invitation to the entire cast of A Bug's Life, please don't bring it into the car.
4.     The itchy-hand friend

Some drivers can be pretty obsessive-compulsive when it comes to the little things like their air-con controls and positioning of their volume dial. Others, not so much. But just in case your friend belongs to the former group, try not to mess around with their car.

Asking nicely if the temperature or volume can be adjusted before you touch anything is basic passenger etiquette and will go a long way in ensuring your friend gives you more rides in the future.
5.     The scaredy-cat

Occasionally gasping when your friend unexpectedly drifts around a traffic junction in his GT86 is completely fine. But freaking out at every 'hard corner', 'sudden overtaking' or when a turbocharger hits boost is entirely unnecessary. Have some faith in the person driving. Unless that person has one of these 10 annoying driving habits, then go right ahead and cuss them out. If not, sit back and enjoy the ride.
6.     The sleepyhead

This may not be an issue to most drivers but to those who haven't taken the vow of silence, this passenger can be as annoying as, if not more than, any other one in this list. If it's only you and the driver, falling asleep is generally going to bore the driver to death and, in some cases, cause them to doze off at the wheel as well.

Ferrying a sleepyhead passenger on short trips throughout the city isn't much of a problem, but it gets pretty frustrating on longer journeys such as cross-border road trips. If you know for a fact that your friend will go insane in solidarity, try your best to keep those 'Z monsters' at bay.
7.    The one-plus-one

We all love our furry little friends. But animal lover or not, there are drivers who prioritise the cleanliness of their cars over anything else, including the heart-melting face of your adorable Jack Russell.

Unexpectedly bringing a pet on-board a friend's car, without letting them know about it beforehand, is going to cost them either hours of cleaning up or tonnes of money for interior grooming. So if you plan on bringing your furball of a friend out, make sure the person picking you up is aware of your plus one.