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With its focus on quality services and building strong customer relationships, Merlin Motor is a workshop that you can always depend on.

10 May 2018

At the end of last year, the Competition Commission of Singapore announced the removal of car warranty restrictions starting this year. This means that owners can service their vehicles at independent workshops without having to worry too much about their warranties becoming void.

Merlin believes in offering dedicated services that cater to the indivdual customer's requirements
With these recent changes, it's certain understandable that owners are looking for workshops that can offer them more affordable services. Choosing a workshop is easy, especially since there are so many available choices. However, how do you find the right workshop for you? Finding a reliable workshop that caters to your specific needs is like finding a hairdresser or a tailor - yes, you could buy your clothes at G2000 or cut your hair at Snip Avenue, but these one-size-fit-all options will never give you exactly what you want and need.

Merlin Motor offers dedicated services for its customers that address their specific needs and offering them a long term peace of mind.

Dedicated service

Instead of having to only return to the authorised dealer, car owners can now bring their cars to external workshops. This has obvious cost and time-saving benefits for the consumer - with lower overheads, independent workshops can offer more affordable prices for equivalent parts and services, anywhere from between 30 to 50% cheaper. Also, independent workshops tend to be able to have faster turn around times.

Merlin carries a wide variety of products to cater to different customers' needs
At Merlin Motor, the focus is always on offering good and thorough services, instead of simply chasing competitive pricing. By accommodating customers and addressing their specific needs, the workshop believes in the value of building long-term relationships and a sense of mutual dependability and reliability.

Merlin works with its customers to understand their individual needs, and are hence able to provide the necessary services. After all, each car owner will have different requirements. The more budget-conscious may only want straightforward and simpler services, whilst others may opt for the full nine yards when it comes to servicing or parts replacement.

Customers are also advised to either Whatsapp or call the workshop beforehand to make an appointment. This allows Merlin to cater the appropriately skilled mechanic as well as the necessary manpower to deal with the customer’s specific issue.

The mechanics at Merlin have ample experience and expertise in servicing a wide variety of car models
It’s this focus on offering an 'a la carte' service that differentiates Merlin from other workshops. It's no wonder that some regular customers have come back to Merlin even after changing multiple cars. There are even customers to leave their vehicles at the workshop to be worked on while they are overseas.

Having previously focused more on performance tuning, the mechanics at Merlin Motor are extremely well-versed in various mechanical issues. Also, all parts replacements come with a six-month warranty.

Special services

Merlin Motor also provides customers with special services, including helping the customer to do checks on vehicle prior to purchase or Certificate of Entitlement (COE) renewal.

Merlin will help customers to do checks on vehicles prior to purchase or COE renewal
As we all know, buying a used car always comes with its associated risks. Before you buy a used car, you can bring the vehicle to the workshop to do a preliminary check. Merlin will advise on wear and tear, as well as any other issues, offering honest and reliable feedback.

If you are thinking of renewing your car's COE, it is also highly advisable to get the car checked beforehand. Its tempting to just opt for COE renewal as the cheaper alternative to buying another car, but any 10-year old car will likely have issues, ranging from minor issues to major problems. Merlin helps customers to identify any such issues, and provide an honest opinion on the viability of renewing the COE of the car.

To find out more about Merlin Motor, you can check out its website at Merlin Motor & Engineering Works is located at Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #03-13 AMK Autopoint Singapore (568047). The workshop is open from 9:00am - 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday, and can be contacted at or 6484 5225.

Additionally, check out their marketplace for the latest products and promotions.
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