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With stringent standards and thorough processes, PPSL offers you assurance and peace of mind on high-quality pre-owned cars.

07 Jun 2018

Buying a second hand car is always going to be a tricky business, with an element of inherent uncertainty and risk involved. Of course, there are ways to mitigate the risks involved - doing your necessary research, exploring all your available options, and buying from someone you trust.

PPSL offers the widest range of certified pre-owned BMWs
At Performance Premium Selection Limited (PPSL), the company does its utmost best to mitigate all risks for you as the buyer, so that you can buy with the maximum peace of mind.

PPSL - Premium selection of premium cars

PPSL offers the widest range of certified pre-owned BMWs under the worldwide BMW Premium Selection programme.

The Premium Selection programme was first started in Germany to sell used BMWs, offer existing owners a means of trading in their existing cars, and keeping BMW owners within the brand's fold.

But what does 'certified pre-owned' actually mean? Well, at PPSL, strict criteria must be met for a vehicle to be classified as 'certified pre-owned'. First, it must be an agent car that is no more than five years old and have less than 120,000km mileage. Then, it will undergo a thorough 360 degree check with stringent standards.

Any faults will be fixed and replaced where necessary, done by BMW-trained technicians. As much as possible, the car will be reverted back to stock, and will be restored to original, showroom quality. Only then will the car be 'certified pre-owned'.

All certified pre-own cars undergo strict checks to ascertain their quality and reliability
You may be wondering, what's the point of a certified pre-owned car? Well, the main thing is that it offers peace of mind because of professional assurance and high standards.

It eliminates a lot of the common problems and faults that people may find when purchasing a used car. As a buyer, many of the potential hurdles and difficulties that may crop up during the buying process are eliminated, thus allowing a simple, smooth and straightforward buying process.

Cars under the Premium Selection scheme all come with a minimum 12-month warranty from BMW. Also, because any necessary repairs are done before the cars are sold, customers can be assured that the cars will be problem-free - no need to stress over hidden problems, undiscovered faults or nagging issue.

Select by PPSL - Quality options

Of course, not every used car buyer is looking for just BMW cars, and PPSL recognises this. Thus, the company also has the Select by PPSL programme, which sells other makes as well. Under the Select Premium programme, the company uses the same procedures and high standards to evaluate cars before selling them to customers.

You can check out the full selection of cars at the PPSL East Coast Centre at 280 Kampong Arang Road
Select by PPSL offers two schemes - Select Premium and Select Value. Select Premium utilises the same procedures as the Premium Selection scheme, mirroring the same processes to maintain high standards across the board.

Similarly, all cars under the Select Premium scheme are required to be under five years old and have less than 120,000km on the clock. Also, the cars sold under the Select Premium scheme comes with a minimum 12-month warranty.

Select Value offers cars older than five years old, but still under 120,000km mileage. These cars are offered with a six-month limited warranty covering the engine and gearbox. Ultimately, more than just buying a used car, you are buying assurance and quality from PPSL, with the car’s competitively priced against the market.

To find out more about PPSL, you can check out its website at You can check out the full selection of certified pre-owned cars at the PPSL East Coast Centre, located at 280 Kampong Arang Road Singapore (438 180).
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