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With a substantial fleet of used cars, in-house financing services, as well as a rental and leasing arm, Heritage Auto has got all your vehicle needs covered.

07 Jun 2018

Looking to purchase, rent or lease a pre-owned vehicle? Do you need a loan for your purchase? Or are you interested in exporting your vehicle? It doesn't matter what your vehicular needs are, Heritage Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd has got you covered.

What does Heritage Auto offer?

Heritage Auto has a fleet of approximately 60 to 70 used cars at any point in time
Heritage Auto prides itself in providing a plethora of services, including used car sales, rental, leasing, vehicle financing, as well as vehicle exportation.

Its pre-owned division alone has a fleet of approximately 60 to 70 used cars that are ready to go at any point in time. With an eclectic mix of European and Japanese makes and models, ranging from relatively new to slightly older ones, you can rest assured that you'll be able to find the right second-hand car for your needs.

What if I'm looking to rent?

If you're not in the market to purchase one, the company's rental and leasing subsidiary - Car Cove Leasing Pte Ltd - also provides a wide range of vehicles for your rental and leasing needs. With many rental options available, Car Cove offers anything from daily to weekend and even weekly rental packages to suit your needs. You can even bring some of them up north for the weekend should you so desire.

Working in the Central Business District? Boy, are you in for a treat. Both Heritage Auto and Car Cove Leasing are both located, under the same roof, along Keppel Road. The company also sits just outside the ERP zone. This means that not only is it more convenient, but when you pick up your rental for the weekend, you won't have to pass through any gantries and spend more than you should.

Car Cove provides a wide range of vehicles for your rental and leasing needs
Car Cove also offers a lease-to-own programme, where the company will transfer ownership of the vehicle over to you once you've paid it off in full.

And should your vehicle run into any mechanical trouble and needs to be out of commission for a while, the company will provide you with a replacement car.

You mentioned exportation and vehicle financing services?

Fancy a trip to the Caribbean Islands or to Africa? You may not be able to, but your car will, thanks to Heritage Auto's exportation services.

More noteworthy, though, is the company's vehicle financing services. This isn't just any third party, middleman, agent type of deal. No, this is an actual in-house financing division. So what's the big deal about an in-house financing department? Well, because there isn't as much red tape to go through, getting approval for a loan from Heritage Auto Capital is almost immediate. The only waiting time required is for the company to check if you've been naughty or nice with your finances.

How do I know if this dealer is legit?

Heritage Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd was incorporated in December 2003 and has since gone on to win the prestigious title of sgCarMart Premium Dealer for four consecutive years since 2015, and another one back in 2013. If that's not enough, the company has also won 2013 Asia Pacific Brands Award.

Heritage Auto is located at 1557 Keppel Road, Block C, #01-02 Singapore (089066). For more information, please visit the Heritage Auto Enterprise website. You can also check out Car Cove Leasing at
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