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From its expressive good looks to its improved driving dynamics, the all new Lexus ES packs a lot of goodies to secure its position with the rest of the best.

19 Jun 2018

The Lexus ES has always been viewed as a dull car that's nothing more than just an upmarket Camry. Just as well, since this would mean that the car is one of the more affordable models in the brand's lineup (just above the CT and the IS) and buyers can have easier access to Lexus ownership without having to sacrifice on cabin space.

As you would expect, this has led to the Lexus ES being the best-selling model in Singapore. Problem is the car has been perceived as one that's more traditional than trendy, which has caused the car to be caught in the shadows of its more appealing German peers. But with the new iteration, it looks like things are going to change for the better.

Here are five reasons why...

The new Lexus ES is now handsome and bold-looking
1. Major makeover

Take a look at the new Lexus ES from a distance and you could easily mistake the car for its bigger and more expensive brethren, the Lexus LS sedan. Not only does the ES now sport a pair of sleek-looking headlamps and a gaping grille to complete its aggression, the executive sedan has also grown wider and longer, allowing it to have ample road presence whether it's stationary at the lights or moving briskly on the highway.

Space is the royal order of the day for rear occupants
2. Ace in space

The Lexus ES has always been a spacious sedan but the new model here takes space to a whole new level. Thanks to an enormous increase in wheelbase of 50mm over its predecessor, rear legroom now supersedes even the Lexus LS flagship sedan. And if you're worried about headroom due to the car's tapered roofline, don't. Seats are now located lower than before, which means rear occupants will still get to enjoy sufficient room all round.

Lexus' GA-K platform allows changes for the better
3. A sweet storm with the new platform

As you would have already known by now, this seventh generation Lexus ES rides on the new platform - the brand's Global Architecture-K (GA-K) platform, itself derived from Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). This means engineers were given a chance to improve the chassis of the ES that will allow it to be sportier without compromising on its comfort - a best of both worlds, if you may.

On the move, the Lexus ES does not disappoint
4. Revive the drive

Needless to say, it wouldn't be complete without a proper drive. Unlike the previous model, the new Lexus ES is now a hoot to pilot, with an accurate steering that feeds the driver with confidence and certainty. It's no sports sedan, of course, but Lexus has successful managed to find a sweet spot with a car that's meant to be predictable and comfortable, with a touch of sportiness and sophistication.

By using radar and an on-board camera, the ES will be able to detect both cars and pedestrians
5. Assist 'em with the safety system

One element of the ES that hasn't been radically transformed is its dedication to safety. Equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ package, which comes with a host of safety features as standard, the ES proves to be capable when it comes to saving lives. One such feature that finds its way to the ES for the first time in Singapore is the new Pre-Collision system with pedestrian detection. As the name suggest, it doesn't just avoid a collision with a car, it also has the capability of detecting pedestrians. Other safety features include Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure with Steering Assist and the new Adaptive High Beam system.
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