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With its promise to deliver better cars and provide better service, you are guaranteed a total peace of mind at Inchcape Pre-owned.

29 Jun 2018

You've seen it in the news, on social media or heard stories from your colleagues; buying a pre-owned car may not always be an all-pleasant experience. From having to second-guess if the condition of a particular car is too good to be true to whether the dealer is trying to rip you off, there are many ifs, ands or buts when it comes to shopping for a pre-owned car.

Inchcape Pre-owned stocks more than just Toyotas but rather, almost every make and model you can imagine
But if you're willing to fork out just a wee bit more, there are alternatives that offer quality assurance and the sort of peace of mind you won't get from the run-of-the-mill pre-owned car dealership.

One such choice is Inchcape Pre-owned, whose operations began in April 2018. Since then, Inchcape Pre-owned has quickly grown to become one of the largest pre-owned dealerships in town. It offers customers the best of both worlds - reliable cars with impeccable service at affordable prices.

A promise of quality

There are two ingredients for success with any pre-owned car dealership. One of which is focusing on quality. In this aspect, Inchcape Pre-owned does not fail. While other dealers are busy focusing on quantity for the sake of larger profits, Inchcape Pre-owned prioritises quality.

It normally only takes in cars that have either had only one owner, are five years of age and below, or averaged a maximum of 20,000km in mileage a year. If there are cars that are slightly older but in exceptionally good condition, the company might make an exception, but only upon stringent inspection.

Every car that enters its inventory has to undergo a compulsory 160-point inspection by its in-house technicians to ensure optimal performance.

The pre-owned cars are housed in individual bays
If there's wear and tear or repair work that needs to be carried out, the company will do so only with OEM-approved products. Needless to say, a misdemeanour like the tempering of mileage is a huge no-go.

Thereafter, the car is groomed, graded and parked in an air-conditioned viewing suite. Unlike other pre-owned car dealerships that park all their cars together, Inchcape Pre-owned parks its cars in individual suites.

Yes, they've gone the extra mile to make the shopping experience that much more special. Think of it as having the same treatment as when you buy a new car, but at a fraction of the cost. Inchcape Pre-owned also has highly-skilled staff, who are trained in providing reliable and quality aftercare service, for all pre-owned cars sold under the company.

And no, there aren't only Toyota models on sale

Inchcape Pre-owned carries all makes and models. In addition to quality pre-owned Toyota models, a wide diversity of other brands is available as well, ranging from Korean, Japanese to European marques. All vehicles enjoy a minimum of one-year warranty from date of collection at Inchcape Pre-Owned.

Sounds like a super safe bet, then

Inchcape Pre-owned is housed in Inchcape Centre
Considering the amount of work it puts in and the aftersales assurance it provides, you can safely bet your bottom dollar on any car you intend to purchase from Inchcape Pre-owned.

However, as the company has gone above and beyond to guarantee its products and services, it admits that its cars do come with a slightly heftier price tag as compared to the ones from ragtag dealerships.

But at the end of the day, you are getting a car that's as good as new, a select shopping experience and a guaranteed peace of mind. And that's something worth paying a little extra for.

If you're dipping your fingers in the pre-owned car market, have a gander at what Inchcape Pre-owned has to offer under our Used Car listings or find out more at

Once you've decided on a unit, the company also provides all forms of financial and insurance support. The showroom is housed on the first floor of Inchcape Centre, allowing for a one-stop motoring solution, including greater convenience, choice and excellent customer care.
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