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If you have an aftermarket head unit without a solid sound system, you're missing out because Pioneer's Z series speakers deliver the absolute best.

14 Jun 2018

If you've already purchased an aftermarket head unit for your car, you'll probably want to invest in a proper set of speakers to enhance your in-car audio experience as well.

Z series is based on advanced technology developed by Pioneer, employing carefully selected materials
Why? Think about it this way. Installing a fully-featured multimedia receiver without the support of a banging sound system is like getting intake and exhaust mods without a tune. Your car will do just fine but you won't be getting the most out of it.

So speakers what would you recommend?

For you, my friend, only the best of the best - Pioneer's flagship Z series hi-res speaker lineup.

What makes it so special is the attention to detail, or what the company has described as 'Bold in the Details' - its most recent campaign. The campaign highlights the Z series' ability to elevate the sensory experience by making subtle notes bolder and music feel richer. Check out the Pioneer Bold in the Details video.

I'm not interested in an ad, show me proof

You may be wondering if the campaign is just all talk. You'd be wrong. Pioneer - which just so happens to be one of the world's leading experts in in-car entertainment - has put some serious thought into the production of the Z series, with emphasis on construction, design, and, most importantly, sound quality.

The TS-Z65CH features a 29mm aluminum aloy dome tweeter with Vertex Drive System
This comes in the form of hi-res audio support, for example FLAC, an open source, lossless format that is typically only found in professional grade audio equipment and is far superior to CD-quality sound. You probably won't be able to find it in your average consumer-level mp3 players either.

The Z series also gets a wider dynamic range, thanks to newly developed drivers, also known as speaker cones. These cones are made with a lightweight yet rigid Twaron aramid fibre material, which results in more dynamic sound and a stronger mid-bass output.

The Z series' top-of-the-range model, the TS-Z65CH, even comes fitted with a dual-layer cone construction that adds to its performance and minimises distortion, even at high playback volumes.

Okay, it's well-built, so what?

On top of that, Pioneer is also introducing a new Z tweeter, which was created through Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method computer analysis and has been refined through the company's expertise in audio equipment.

In order to meet the demands of hi-res audio, such as FLAC format playback, the Z tweeter operates at up to 96kHz - a frequency that is up to four times wider than that of a traditional tweeter. This translates to superior clarity and treble extension in the Z series' audio output.

TS-Z65CH's crossover has an oversized magnet and powerful motor assembly for accurate bass
All of Pioneer's Z series tweeters also feature a swivel mechanism, with the help of a tri-position mounting kit. This allows for them to be easily concealed within the dashboard or behind vehicle doors.

The TS-Z65CH and TS-Z65C even come bundled with a compact external crossover network, which features built-in mounting holes for easy securement.

Hear it to believe it

These features definitely sound impressive on paper but don't just take our word for it. You'll have to experience the superior audio quality of the Pioneer Z series for yourself in order to believe it. Head down to any one of these Pioneer authorised dealers to check out the Z series in person.

For more information on the Z series, please visit For updates, please visit the Pioneer Car Entertainment Facebook page.
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