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We could think of an endless number of reasons why we'd want to own the new MINI One but here are the top five ones that make it the perfect city hatch.

28 Jun 2018

The MINI One now has even more to offer our small yet fast-paced city thanks to several clever updates. Here are five that make it our current favourite hatchback.

The tail lamp's new Union Jack design makes the car unmisakable even from afar
1. Classic shape, modern touches

The new MINI One retains much of the classic, original shape by Sir Alec Issigonis and that's something that's important to us.

But of course, to maintain its position as a forward thinker in the design department, MINI had to update the One, in the form of newly designed head lights and tail lamps, of which the latter's Union Jack-inspired architecture is both modern while paying homage to the brand's English roots.

If the standard 278 litres isn't enough, there's a total of 941 litres when the rear bench is folded
2. No longer just a tiny hatch

The upgrading of the original product substance highlights the mature yet distinctive charisma of MINI, which in its current model generation is available with two body types - the MINI One 3 Door and the MINI One 5 Door that you see here.

With five doors, five seats and a 278-litre boot (up to a total of 941 litres), what was once seen as a stylish form of transport for creative types is now also a practical offering for small Singaporean families.

The new seven-speed dual-clutch is a quick-shifting, smooth operator
3. British soul, German heart

The modern MINI is arguably the most successful example of British flair meets German intellect, as it combines an irreplaceable style and long heritage with BMW's renowned engineering credentials.

For 2018, the MINI One gets a new turbocharged 1.5-litre engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which we dare say, may be the smoothest powertrain pairing offered since BMW took over the marque at the turn of the millennium.

Like the rest of the MINI stable, the MINI One is agile and plenty of fun to chuck into corners
4. Go-kart agility, quite literally

This is the real claim to fame of any MINI. There's not one time I've hopped in a MINI and come out disappointed by the drive, and the new MINI One is no different.

Although the ride may be a little firm to some, it's easily overlooked once you appreciate how tight and responsive a package it is. It's a seriously fun car, anywhere and everywhere from the heart of the Lion City to the beautiful, twisting Malaysian mountain roads.

In the event of a breakdown, MINI Breakdown Assistance ensures that you and your MINI get back on the road as quickly as possible
5. MINI is connected

One other benefit of being owned by BMW is the latest infotainment technology that trickles down the range, namely MINI Connected.

MINI Connected, which is available as a free download, maintains a seamless connection between your MINI and your smartphone via either a Bluetooth or USB connection, making it easy, convenient and safe to enjoy stress-free driving.

This is represented within a high-resolution 6.5-inch touchscreen that allows apps to link your MINI One with your digital life. At the same time, MINI Breakdown Assistance ensures the perfect experience goes hand in hand with worry-free driving.
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