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Owning a Volkswagen is more than just owning a car; it also comes with a string of privileges such as the My Volkswagen events, which complement the experience.

16 Aug 2018

Apart from being able to enjoy a well-built, all-rounded car that looks good for any occasion, the ownership of a Volkswagen also comes with several other privileges, many of which can be enjoyed during your time outside the car. From 10% off your bill at Patissez to complimentary birthday cocktails at Barossa and even special rates at K9 Kampong's behavioural classes for your furkids, the privileges are tailored to complement just about every aspect of your life.

The latest My Volkswagen session was held for second generation Touran owners
Learn a thing or two at My Volkswagen...

But in my opinion, the most engaging one remains to be the monthly activities that Volkswagen Singapore organises for its owners. They consist of almost anything under the sun, really.

For example, there are lifestyle-centric activities that promote health and wellness like yoga classes and desert-making workshops.

But that's not all. There and also model-specific, technically-oriented activities, known as My Volkswagen events, which educate owners what each part of their car does.

With so much technology put into Volkswagen's cars, such as the various driving and parking assistance systems, to the customisable Dynamic Chassis Control featured in higher-end models, it's often easy for owners to forget exactly how each one works shortly after collecting their new car.

Attendees got a closer look at the underside of the Touran and learnt what each part was for
As such, these technically-oriented My Volkswagen get-together sessions, held at Volkswagen Centre Singapore, are in place to help refresh their memories to maximise the use of their cars. The owners are also taught basic driving and maintenance tips that will help lower running costs in the long run.

But apart from just 'going back to school', the owners also get a chance to take a step back in time, to witness the illustrious history and full breadth of the Volkswagen Group and its products.

But it's not just the serious stuff...

More importantly, the My Volkswagen sessions, which are model and generation-specific, allow the owners to get to know one another better, too. It gives them a time and place to kick back after work, enjoy a nice evening together and indulge in coffee shop talk, all inclusive of a dinner buffet spread.

Yih Shian, a first-time Volkswagen owner, thoroughly enjoyed the event and looks forward to future ones
Sharing his thoughts about the latest My Volkswagen session for second generation Touran owners is Yih Shian, who says the two hours spent with the company's aftersales team and fellow Touran owners have helped him better understand not just his car but also the brand and its technologies.

As such, it has helped to further justify his decision of purchasing a Touran and he looks forward to future events.

Interestingly though, prior to his Touran, Yih Shian has previously never considered owning a Volkswagen. The once staunch Japanese supporter only came down to the Volkswagen Centre Singapore showroom after his father suggested he gave German cars a chance, and the rest is history.

Today, Yih Shian is happy with his decision and loves the fact that his Touran is sturdy and comfortable, while being zippy enough to ensure his family gets to their appointments on time, every time.

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