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Lexus has decisively shrugged off its mature image with the aggressive yet attractive-looking UX, a game-changing compact crossover that battles the Germans.

17 Sep 2018

The trend of crossovers is going strong and Lexus certainly knows that, which is why the luxury Japanese carmaker has jumped onto this segment's bandwagon with its all new UX.

Having finally pulled the covers off its much-awaited new compact crossover, is it just another regular Lexus or is there more to it?

Here are six things about the Lexus UX you need to know.

The Lexus UX could just be the most affordbale Lexus
1. The least expensive Lexus you can buy

While prices for the new Lexus UX aren't out yet, this should be the Lexus that most people can afford, barring the CT hybrid hatchback. Thus, upgraders will be able to seriously consider the luxury compact crossover when the it officially launches early next year at the Singapore Motor Show.

With safety systems such as Blind Spot Monitor and Pre-Collision System, coupled with luxury features like wireless charger and a wide 10.3-inch infotainment screen, you'll be getting a lot of car for the amount you're paying (assuming the price stays competitive).

120 LEDs form the strip of light at the rear of the UX
2. Taillights. You need to see the taillights

Not exaggerating. Like the new Audi A7, the taillights of the Lexus UX are connected by a thin strip of light that contains 120 LEDs. This gives the new Lexus an attractive design and an even wider stance on the road than it already has. More impressively, the taillights are sharply curved at the edges for the sake of funneling air and reducing its drag coefficient.

Whether or not there'll be a similar taillight design on future Lexus models is still unknown, but based on what we've seen with the UX, we hope the design language of future models follows the new compact crossover's.

New exquisite materials are used in the new Lexus
3. New car, new material

There is luxury compact crossover and there is the Lexus UX, which takes luxury to a whole new level. It's every perfectionist's perfect car. You feel this the moment you get behind the wheel. High-quality leather materials fill the cabin while buttons and controls are logically laid out, reminding you it's not just another compact crossover you're piloting.

Also high quality is the new trim material on the dash of our test car. Inspired by the material of Japanese paper grain, the dashboard exudes a relaxing and simple feeling without compromising on luxury.

A range of audio switches surrounds the hand rest
4. Convenience right at your fingertips

Forget about the new generation Remote Touch Interface and the large 10.3-inch infotainment system screen. With the audio controls such as radio tuning, volume as well as audio modes located right where you rest your palm on the centre console, Lexus is bringing convenience to drivers right their fingertips, literally.

While many may argue that Lexus-first feature is nothing more than just a gimmick, we beg to differ because we'll have to understand that it's the small differences that add up to make a car such a big hit.

CVT transmission in the UX200 is a smooth operator
5. Not just another regular CVT transmission

The 2.0-litre powerplant residing under the bonnet of the petrol-powered UX200 isn't just mated to a regular CVT grarbox. Instead, the gearbox has a mechanical gearset that allows drivers to accelerate from a standstill before transferring seamlessly to the CVT tramission. This effectively dissolves the distinctive dullness often associated with the gearbox.

This way, drivers will have the feeling of a regular torque converter when accelerating off the line and still enjoy the perks of a CVT gearbox such as fuel efficiency and fuss-free driving characteristic.

Lexus UX is the first Lexus to be based on the GA-C platform
6. The familiar GA-C modular platform

The Lexus UX is based on the TNGA-C platform, which is closed related to the popular Toyota C-HR. But while these two cars share the same wheelbase of 2,640mm, the UX separates itself from the C-HR thorugh extensive welding and the use of adhesives to increase rigidity of the car.

More importantly, clever engineering and design have ensured that the rear of the UX isn't as tight and claustraphobic as the C-HR's.
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