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Using nanotechnology activated advanced materials, Alcades increases the output of the internal combustion engine, allowing you to go further for less.

04 Oct 2018

Various products have been developed specifically for the automotive industry with one specific purpose - increasing the torque and horsepower output of any given engine.

With the increased intelligence in the latest cars and engine technology, many of these devices have proven to be less effective with each new iteration introduced.

Alcades have been in development over the past 13 years to overcome this specific limitation. Also, by working on a nanotechnology level, it is safe to install in any petrol or diesel vehicle without any modification to wiring, hoses or piping. 

Alcades is certified and patented to be used safely in petrol and diesel-powered vehicles
What is it?

Alcades is a patented compound advanced material that is designed to activate the air molecules and electrons around the engine bay. It generates an Aquiver Wave and increase air volume entering the engine and enhance the spark plug firing in the combustion chamber.

Cutting edge manufacturing technology enable rare earth metallic powders to be arranged in a nano-crystalline structure to form the patented Alcades advanced material.

The Alcades compound is applied to specific areas of the car and requires a short installation time
How do I put it on my car?

Alcades is recommended to be professionally installed by distributors. It is easily applied to the engine bonnet area and also the intake tunnel before the air filter. No cutting or addition of any wire, hose or pipe is required. Time required is less than half hour for most vehicle applications.

Be the judge

The name Alcades is derived from the Spanish word Alcade, which means magistrate or judge in Spanish.  You can now be the judge for the effectiveness of the product on your vehicles.

After the Alcades application, the car did make more power on the dynanometer
Alcades is dyno-proven. A completely stock Toyota Vios, on RON95 petrol, was put on the dynanometer to generate a baseline figure of horsepower and torque. After the Alcades application, the car was then put on the dyno again.

Alcades is a proven product tested on over 70 vehicles in Singapore with further tests being done overseas. All cars have reported an increase in power by drivers with better accelerator response and fuel savings.

Dyno charts on test cars also show an average of 10% overall improvement in horsepower and torque.

To check out more about Alcades, do head on over to their Facebook page, here. Alcades is a product that is distributed by Huat Lee Batteries in Singapore.
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Product Information

Alcades The Secret Tab

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$375 - $1,070



Certified and patented product that improves torque and horsepower performance Reduce carbon build-up in combustion systems Completely Maintenance Free.

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